Monday, December 29, 2008

La la la la la....

no blogging for a week because i'll be in LA! :D

see you on the 7th ;)
~killa xoxo

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I had a pretty low key Christmas with the family this year... just a few aunts & uncles over for dinner & gift exchange. I am happy to announce that i have finally graduated to sitting at the grown ups table aswell!

Pictures will explain the rest... I'm also gonna be in LA in a couple days... yay! i'll be spending new years out there with one of my best girlfriends, so i hope that there is something fun in store for us! :)


my mom's famous shortbread cookies

the only time you will see me in the kitchen... haha


Thursday, December 25, 2008


I've had a few strange dreams before about overflowing toilets... like i'll walk into a bathroom and it's like a river in there... i dunno why. so i decided to look it up:

"Toilet is a symbol for thinking too much as to how to increase incomes and not to spend any, an overflowing toilet means she and you will receive a good deal of money in the future"

yeah, i'm not complaining! $$$!

it also said that i am worrying about an event in my life that i cannot stop or control.

i see reason for both of those... so um... thanks google!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Even though i usually post about all the greedy things i want all the time, i really only want good health & happiness this Christmas... and the same thing for all those around me.

If you had asked me the same question 20 years ago, i would have told you i wanted the My Little Pony twins, Milkweed & Tumbleweed. they were yellow with pink hair and came with a little purple & pink baby basinette. i asked sooooo many people for it, that i ended up with 2 sets! talk about selfish!

so i had My Little Pony quadruplets... how happy was i?

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Christmas Pizza!

i went to Boston pizza with 2 friends yesterday... there was somewhat of a blizzard outside (but not the "Snowmageddon" we had last week) but it didn't stop me from finishing my Christmas shopping & getting some food.

i always said i hated Boston Pizza, when in reality i only ever went to the place once when it first opened like 10 years ago?! and... hate was a strong word... i really just disliked the crust & i found it bland. and i tend to leave crusts behind anyways, so was it THAT big a deal?

anyways... gave it a second try and i wasn't mad at it. Jen & i shared the "Ultimate Pepperoni" and "Spicy Perogy" pizzas. i love perogies... and i love pizza... so that was a good combo. and everyone knows i love pepperoni (except for the massive barf inducing pepperoni poutine i had in montreal) so how can you go wrong with the ULTIMATE pepperoni?

a couple random pictures from the evening (yet no pizza pictures?!)...

PS the crust still sucks.

i still laugh everytime i see this picture...

and above is proof that Dennis CAN look normal in a photo....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Killa Hearts?

Is it wrong that i want these?

Sequin heart pasties to make up for the unfortunate "Sold Out" message next to my beloved Esme Playsuit

:*( sob

The Office Christmas Party....

It's that time of year again... too many Christmas parties and too little time. our office party got the Offshoot crew out in full effect. we had a great night at C's place with pot luck, BYOB (it was actually a contest... who could bring the best "party drink"... the Pizzle won with the very tasty"Green P")

I've been on a serious kareoke kick for the last little while so i insisted that C had something to that effect in the house and he delivered. Lips is a new game on XBox 360 and we all battled it out! I won a lot of rounds, but the best song of the night was a falsetto duet by Mar & Dudley...!

I did especially well on Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf"! i didn't need the words ;) Quincy (our office mascot) even howled along with me... i guess that says a lot about my voice?

The special drinks got everyone into it and the cab chits got everyone home safe & sound... good times were had... i'll let the pictures tell the rest! ;)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

And Today's Forecast Is....

I used to want to be a weathergirl at some point... but i think this guy is more weathergirl than me!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Price Is Right....

.... and was it ever! this is INSANE!!!!

i used to watch a lot of The Price Is Right (circa the Bob Barker days...) and i can't believe this!

i need to get back into it... i miss Plinko

(side note: is it just me, or does the woman look just like Fantasia?!)

"and our top winner in the showcase is GAY!!!" (ok i'm so immature...)

and Jose... so cute, but... so dumb. $250,000???? REALLY?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So You Think I Can Dance?

i was in Sephora shopping for various beauty products and needed a little help from a sales associate... she then admitted she came my way because she thought I was Ashlee Nino, a contestant from last year's "So You Think You Can Dance" competition. apparently she thought i was her because i was wearing a hat... and she wears a lot of hats. so, there you have it?! ridiculous.

the show IS a guilty pleasure of mine... but if you saw me learning to chair dance at my birthday last year at Flirty Girl, you would know that i cannot dance. haha!!!

Ashlee... umm... stop wearing hats so we can stop looking like eachother, thanks.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas to Killa

Christmas gifts are second to birthday gifts (FEB 25th, HINT HINT!!) for me... but gifts are gifts. and girls love 'em. some things on my wishlist?

Nightcap foldover leggings

Nightcap Grecian Dress

Diorita Medium Hobo

Jill Stewart Theresa Boot

Then places that i'll take almost anything from:

my fav - Agent Provocateur (bonus points to the fella that ponies up for this! he'll get a kiss under the mistletoe! haha!)
the blue box (i've never had one!)
Mr. Troy's "She Match My Fly" section (great taste!)
Betsey (my fav girly rocker chick)

aaaaaaand... a puppy. with a big bow around his neck :)

From Ms. Lissa Monet...


1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on [...]

It’s simple. Give 3 statements about sex. Ask 3 questions about sex. Tag 6 people. Leave a comment letting them know you tagged them.


1. I hate mesh underwear
2. I own all of Van Damme's movies!
3. I don't like eating fruit
4. I am obsessed with all those weird true life stories on TLC
5. I wear my heart on my sleeve
6. I love vanilla cupcakes
7. I have hundreds of pairs of panties!


1.Sex should never be a chore
2. Your partner is probably not a mind reader... Let them know what you want and what you don't want
3. Sex should be... sexy! ha!

…MY QUESTIONS TO YOU (Ms. Lissa Monet's questions for me)

2. IS YOUR LOVE ON LOCKDOWN? WOULD YOU LIKE IT TO BE? no... and sure, why not.

aaaaaand now my questions for YOU to answer:

1) What is a dealbreaker for you when it comes to sex?
2) What is more important to you in the bedroom... giving or receiving?
3) What is the strangest request you have ever received?

Lissa Monet
Lissa (my other Lissa!)
Baby Yu
Mr. Troy

Friday, December 12, 2008

Duran Duran!

so by now, you already know that Duran Duran is my first love... i've seen them in concert 5 times and was in a panic when their Dec 9th show was coming closer and i didn't have a ticket... i scrambled around and then the best guy EVER came to the rescue.... Sweets!!!!

he got the hook up and we sat 5th row, LTFL (John's side, fyi)... the view and the show was amazing! best songs of the night? Come Undone (always my fav), Serious (remixed), The Reflex, Wild Boys, Tempted... and Save A Prayer (if i had a lighter, i would have brought it out)
then... the meet & greet. outside of old groupie's daughters, i'm usually the youngest in the house. got to meet & chat with all the guys.... great experience all around!! i'll let the pictures explain the rest.

did Roger stand next to the Rogers sign on purpose???

Simon held my hand and then it smelled like Simon after! (smelled yummy, fyi)


i was taking a taxi ride the other day and was listening to the blabber on his radio... the operator was kinda mean... would you take this if your boss spoke to you this way?

operator: "hey, are you at the pick up site?"
taxi driver: "yes i am, i'm here at the front door, 415 Blah-Blah Street"
operator: *angry, yelling* "well, you are at the wrong place! it's 414! it's not that hard!!!"
taxi driver: "------"
operator: "you are at the wrong place AND wrong location! you are supposed to be at the back, not the front! what if you were back working at that hot dog stand and gave your customer mustard, when they asked for ketchup? they would be pretty mad, right?"

haha... geez. taxis. never a dull moment.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Girls night!

my longtime girlfriends (and one boy, i didn't forget you Joey!!!) and i get together now and again and have girl's nights... they are always fun and the older we get, the more immature the parties get...

watching tv, pigging out on junkfood, gossip, kareoke, "beverages".... you know, the normal stuff...

makeovers still get done, but they seem to get worse and worse over the years. case in point:

this was me a couple of years ago after looking in the mirror and realizing that they wrote two different words describing the male genitalia on my face. thanks girls. thanks.

i guess this was revenge for what i did to them haha (sorry ladies :P)

i'm just posting this nostalgia because we've set the date for our annual Kris Kringle/Christmas party! Dec 20th... we're gonna have a drunken kareoke fest... complete with... rockband make overs.

hey. i don't laugh and what you do for fun!


Sunday, December 7, 2008


every girl has them, but they are every man's nightmare.

as i was online shopping for skivvies, i noticed that even Victoria Secret endorses the granny panty

it helps that the ladies are hot... but lets face it... the panty, is not.

Duran Duran

the #1 thing you must know about me is that i love Duran Duran. so... if you don't know this, you either:

A) don't know me that well
B) didn't pay attention (tsk tsk)

so. with that being said, they are coming to Toronto on Dec 9th at the ACC. sure, i've seen them in concert five times already (pretty good for only being 27) but i need to go again. unfortunately, i am without a ticket... or someone to go with. i can get over the last part (damn you Jen!) but i can't get over the first part.

if you have any scalper friends... or if you are holding out on me... lemme know. i'll be a very happy girl. verrrrrry happy!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

They make everything better!

strange day at the office.... but Craig brought cupcakes.... and they make everything better :)

(right, melissa???)

my desk is... messy :(
candycane & vanilla... two of the best things everrrrrrrr :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Agent Provocateur...

as you already know... i have a love for lingerie and AP is my fav... we don't have one in Toronto (maybe thats why its a little more special?), so whenever i'm in a city that has one (Las Vegas, LA and most recently, Vancouver) i run in like a maniac and attempt to justify it to my credit card...

so, as you already should know... i was in Van on the weekend and the ONLY shopping i allowed myself was one treat. i've ALWAYS wanted a pair of the Marylin panties... so thats what i got. classic black satin thong, fuctional ribbon tie up sides. $140 well spent in my books.

some people say i'm crazy for buying $140 underwear... but when you really love something and it's just an every once and a while thing... it's ok. and trust me, it's not just to impress the boys... they can't tell the difference between $1 underwear and $100 haha! (but gents know this... my panty game is mean!) haha!

my fitting room selections... i wanted to take the heart bra home with me so bad too :(

i wanted to clepto the robe in the changeroom too (but i didn't :X)


Christmas is coming... maybe someone will leave these under my tree for me? it's getting expensive collecting these on my own:

Esme Playsuit
Love Demi Bra (red or black please!)
Love Suspender
AP Dressing Gown (i don't have to steal it anymore!!)
Aliyah Bra
anything from the Minnie range

ok so... maybe if i don't get any of these things *cries*, you fellas that read this damn thing will at least consider buying some of this for your lady. trust me, the present will only benefit you!

xoxoxo killz

(uhh... just in case... i am a 32C x Small in Agent Provocateur... you can order online... just get at me for the mailing address... wow that was desperate)

Vancity Pt 3 - Play Pt 2

part 2? ok, so i played more than i worked... so sue me ;)

JD isn't something that i normally order with chinese... that is how Timebomb does!

annalie! best roomie ever!

at Gossip for GMan's night!

a whole lot of making out in that place....

well, when in Rome...

...right, GMan???

partied until... we were the only ones there? lame but awesome at the same time haha