Sunday, October 31, 2010

truly, truly, truly outrageous!

halloween... my fav time of the year!

i decided to go as the best rock star of the 80's... Jem! the costume was made from scratch (thx mom) and i spent an hour teasing that wig until it reached proper Jem proportions! i even got out the scotch tape to get those straight edges on her eyeshadow...

this is the first time in ages that i didn't go to a club for halloween... we did it up at a house party, which was good because there were less douche bags (i would like to emphasize LESS and not NONE) but it was bad because we were still downtown and couldn't find parking for 45 mins

anyhoo... pictures!

musical masters unite: Jem x Big Poppa!

the Twittering flapper

it wouldn't be Halloween without candy! (i'm getting mine on Nov 1st, when it goes on sale. i'm a cheapass)

the Malibu snuck in the pic!

Friday, October 29, 2010

beach bum!

in just over a week, i will be frolicking on a beach. i'm going down to the DR for a friend's wedding and some much needed vitamin D.

now i already have 20+ bikinis/swimsuits, but the hoarder in me says i need more. this is where the SoCal brand Tavik comes in. let me tell you, these swimsuits are hot! i picked up a few (see below!) and i am suuuuper excited to wear them!

the monokinis are never the most tan-line friendly, but what can you do... the Bobby/Bret bikini at the bottom is cool too... it's got an acid wash/distressed denim look!

i'll be counting down the days.... 7 to go!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

frozen lunch

sometimes frozen food gets a bad rap... but here was my lunch yesterday... frozen french onion soup from M&M. it looked kinda weird, but seemed harmless enough.

i've been on a Tim Horton's F&O soup kick lately (i thought it was gone forever, but its back!!! YAY) and this was gonna be it's competition... my BB will document our microwaveable adventure. here we go!

so here is our meal. vacuum sealed in one cylindrical block. tasty.

the block goes in a bowl... bonus points for M&M, you get to keep the bowl!

7 mins later... we have:

it tasted sooooooooooooooooo good! melted cheese... caramelized onions... croutons. yum. and obviously there was one more fan in the office:

lets not take his opinion TOO seriously though. he eats garbage. literally.

hellooooo mr schuester!

i watched Glee last night, as i normally do on tuesday evening (after dragging myself to the gym, of course *rolls eyes*). the kids covered the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was one of the most bizarre things i've ever seen. come to think of it, i probably watched it when i was too young to even understand 90% of what was going on... i should probably re-watch it (i bet it won't make anymore sense now either... ha)

so anyhoo, things are going pretty textbook until... Mr. Schuester gets his shirt ripped off by Emma during their "Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me" duet.

um. why wasn't i informed what Mr. S was packing under that shirt? was i the only was that was surprised?

anyways... i decided to perv out on google and do a search...

*types in Will Schuester... shirtless...*

...and came up with a shoot he did for Vogue... holy!

phew. anyways... lets just say i am going to be watching Mr. S a little more closely now...

Happy Hump Day ladies!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010



this post doesn't have to be meaningful, the picture just made me laugh.

2 good reads

i tend to be suuuuuper lazy on the weekends. i lay around in bed and watch large amounts of tv and Rogers on Demand. eBay is always somewhere inbetween too.

when i get particularly bored with the boob tube, i turn to magazines. i buy a decent amount of mags, but these 2 have been recent faves:
  • FT 25th Anniversary special commemorative mag - i grew up watching Fashion Television. i owe FT and Barbie for getting me interested in this industry... haha! covering all facets of fashion... designers, clothing, beauty, architecture, photography... and the list goes on. i can't think of a better wrap up of it's last 25 years. a really good read.
  • Nylon - not necessarily just this issue... but the mag in general. i love it. it's a total culture/lifestyle mag, but the fashion editorials and beauty shoots are my fav. they mesh high fashion with more wallet friendly pieces. i like that... i like seeing something in a magazine that i can actually afford! ha ha!


i consider myself a chip connoisseur. whenever i go somewhere, i need to get to the closest grocery or convenience store to find out what chip flavours they offer in their hood.

my top 3:
  • Doritos - Cool Ranch (ok, its not the most creative, but it's a classic)
  • Marks & Spencer - Beef & Onion crisps (in the UK, "chips" are actually fries... "crisps" are chips)
  • Miss Vickie's - Honey & Roasted Garlic
when i went to the UK this summer i went nuts and ate about a million bags... everything there is meat, cheese & onion flavoured... mmm. M&S has the best chips... ham & honey, beef & onion, cheese & red onion, thai chilli and the list goes on. i'm drooling thinking about it.

Walkers makes some kick ass flavours too. argentinian flame grilled steak, french garlic baguette, japanese teriyaki, roast chicken (this one is super salty, my fav!!!) they make Monster Munch too... even tho i know the pickled onion might be a turn off for most... i like 'em.

the US has a lot of good flavours too... but i look to them for other treats & snacks... most importantly, Cheez Its and Cheddar Chex Mix.

my bf went to Spain recently... and knowing my love for chips, she brought me back these:

jamon aka ham Ruffles! mmmmm... i'm sad that i finished them already, but i sure enjoyed eating 'em! Ruffles has made some damn good chips... another fav of mine: sour cream & onion. that is a classic that i will eat from any brand.

whoa. i talked about chips waaaaay longer than i meant to. i'm thirsty now.

my teenage dream

... no, not Katy Perry

most girls (and some guys??) goes through some kind of boy band loving phase in their teens... even if they won't admit to it. they listen to "cool" music, but secretly pull out the cheesy boy band music out from under their bed when no one is around...

anyways. i grew up in the New Kids on the Block frenzy. for whatever reason, i never got into it. then there was Backstreet Boys... i went to an autograph signing and one concert... but it never stuck. again, not into it.

N*Sync was my N. American boy band of choice... but they came nowhere near my love for Take That.

you are probably why i am bothering to write about this, since most of you don't know who they are... or more importantly, don't care. in a nutshell, they were the European answer to NKOTB.

basically, after almost 10 years apart, they have reunited with estranged band member, Robbie Williams. they are going to venture out on tour to promote a new album...

i guess this news just made me reminisce over what, at the time, was a huge deal to me. i had posters covering every inch of my walls, collected merchandise, wrote to penpals (yes, PENPALS!!! the internet wasn't really much then!) and listened to their music all day and night.

i guess you could say that, when i like something... i like it a lot. i love it. and i immerse myself in everything to do with it.

anyhoo. i listened to them in the car on the way to work this morning... i miss them!

ok. that's the end of this strange boy band rant!


Monday, October 18, 2010

hellz x g shock x polka dot

look what came in the mail for me... ta da!!! :)

limited edition Hellz Bellz Baby G "The Polka Dot"

and the award for sexiest pole dancer goes to...

... anyone but me!

i went to Flirty Girl Fitness for the first part of the P's bachelorette festivities and... well. this is what happened.

anyone who goes into this place probably thinks "yeah, i've got this. how hard could it be? swinging around a pole? dancing? mhmm, i'm hot, this is gonna be easy"


i have learned that i have zero upper body strength and i am painfully un-sexy when working the pole.

it's 2 days later and my body still aches!

Friday, October 15, 2010


yesterday i was lucky enough to have 2 tickets to the Gorillaz show @ the ACC offered to me last minute (thank you Daniela!!!). i was informed that N*E*R*D was opening, so i said yes immediately... Book was my partner & crime for the event (B: hello! giant x rips in the shirt!)

Pharrell & co were good... but the crowd wasn't really in agreement. this was a solid Gorillaz only crowd. even "Rockstar" didn't get much of a rise out of them. the positive: it sounds like there are going to be some really good tracks on the 4th album "Nothing". i'm excited! negative: Pharrell's bizarre "you can change the world" rant/song finale & his weird catcher's vest ensemble. was he going to "catch balls"? har har har.

(one more thing... where the hell was Chad Hugo? i've seen N*E*R*D a ton of times and he's never around... is he just a figment of my imagination???)

anyhoo. i was totally prepared to leave before the Gorillaz came on... not because i dislike them, but because i didn't consider myself a fan and don't know enough of their songs. anyhoo... we decided to stay for a few songs and i'm glad i did! naturally, they had a large screen with the cartoon versions of Damon Albarn & friends behind them... but that was just the tip of the iceburg. there was never a dull moment... surprise appearances started early and kept going... Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, De La Soul, Bootie Brown, etc. the band was awesome too. it seemed like there were a million musicians on stage at any given time!

Damon has sure come a long way since Girls and Boys!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

panty hoes

ok, that is the LAST time i ever do a search for pantyhose on eBay.

innocently enough, all i was doing was looking up some 'hose for my Halloween costume, then, *BOOM* i was bombarded with auctions for crotchless pantyhose, men's pantyhose (they had a separate, um... pantyhose "tube" to accommodate the wang), used pantyhose...


who wants to buy used pantyhose?

nevermind. don't tell me.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

umm... mom?

my mom always says the darndest things...

for example:

"hey, do you still like that guy from N*Sync... DUSTIN TIMBERLAND?"

oh mom.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


i've been trying to get people to bowl lately and here is another installment...

dennis & i went bowling on friday and managed to squeeze in 3 and a half games into an hour. not bad! we both suffered from various bowling related fatigue eventually (sore arms, hurt thumbs...) but still had a really good time!

highlights of the night:
  • weak ass date going on in the lane next to us. they had the gutter bumpers up. what the hell is that? are you 7? grown ass people using the bumpers? the guy actually still somehow managed to get a gutterball too... whatta tool.
  • neither of us is a pro bowler, but we had a goal to at LEAST get over 100... only one of us reached that... *ahem, ahem* ;)
stole some pics from dennis... go see below!

inside joke for bowling names

check my form! i should be in a league...

you might want to look beyond me in this picture. what do you see? nothing? yup, thats right. nothing. no pins... SSSSSSSTEEEE-RIKE!

dennis trying a different ball. not sure it helped ;)


my thumb started to hurt!!

so... who wants to bowl next?? ;)

Friday, October 8, 2010


friday started off well... found $5 in my pocket!

the rest seems to be going downhill from here...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Venomous Villains haul

i've been trying to be a good girl lately when it comes to make up... i used to buy everything from all the new collections from MAC (which come out wayyyy too often!). i guess i considered myself a "collector". maybe i'll take a picture of my stash one day...


ever since i bought my new car and my closet exploded... i've been trying to be a little better with my money and not as much of a hoarder. but when i heard the MAC Venomous Villains was coming out, i thought i would treat myself.

basically, the collection is built around colours of 4 Disney villains... The Evil Queen (Snow White), Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians), Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) and Dr Facilier (The Princess & The Frog). the last one was a bit of a weird choice to me... i mean, the shadow man is cool and all, but there are waaaay more obvious choices (hello, Ursula?)

anyways x 2...

i just bought a teeny bit, to satisfy my need for some new warpaint...

the nail polishes are to die for (Formidable! & Bad Fairy)... i'm sure i'll update at some point with them...

my fav item... Toxic Tale lipstick (from the Evil Queen). creamy, super bright coral

Bite of An Apple blush... what cute packaging!