Tuesday, April 19, 2011

for sale

American Apparel is for sale...

... should i buy it?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


my new fav piece of clothing... the Aloha Ryder Reverse Crewneck by Lauren Moshi... so cute & so comfy... it's rare to find something that possesses both those qualities. i'm wearing it with leggings & fringe thigh high boots now (damn you Canada! you owe me spring!) but i can't wait to wear it with bleached out jean shorts & heels...

i want this too, but my wallet is crying right now. poor thing.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

very cute!

MAC is releasing a new collection called Very Cute on april 7th... i'm posting mostly because i really like the promo pic that was released for it (above). i like her rings & nails... obviously! i especially like the pink thigh high stockings w bow accent ;)

the actual collection has a really sweet colour palette that works wonderfully together... pinks, lilacs, baby blues and soft neutrals. on the whole, a lot of the colours are difficult to wear for certain skin tones (everything is suited more for paler, cool toned skin tones) but it's hard not to love it all when you see it.

i'm gonna pick up some of the nail polishes and Plushglass (my fav lipgloss @ MAC) but i think that's about it. my wallet won't be mad at me on the 7th. yay!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


so, we were at The Counter the other night (where i ate the most epic BLT... will i ever have such awesome bacon again?!) and i noticed that Jeanne Beker was sitting at a table across from us. i grew up watching Fashion Television and she's somewhat of an icon to me...

i couldn't think of anything to say and was scared to interupt her... so i failed and missed when she got up to leave.

so all i got was bacon... at least it kicked ass.