Monday, September 27, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

how to not get a job 101

*talking to someone who wandered into the office looking for a job*

me: "so, do you have a resume?"

them: "... no, i'm so over resumes"

... next.


i was watching the Glee Season 2 premiere yesterday (shuttup) and i love rachel's new nemesis... sunshine corazon! shes a cute as a button filipino exchange student who serves ms. berry a heap of vocal whoop ass.

... i guess rachel got her revenge by sending little sunshine to a... crack house? mean!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

not really my kind of video game...

really? i came across this costume when i was looking for Halloween inspiration...

that poor ghost. he would have been better off getting caught by Pac Man...


i vant to suck your... halloween.


as you may or may not know... halloween is one of my fav times of year. i put a lot of effort into my costumes and i like to start early... as soon as the summer is "over" (september... boooo) the wheels start turning

Twilight really is the scourge of my halloween this year. other than the obvious cliches that are out there (devils, angels, sexy cops, school girls... & so on), stupid vampires are going to be out there in droves. i looked at a few costume sites online today and at least 60-70% of the costumes revolved around vampires. my friend Jen and I were actually were victorian style vampires quite a few years ago (think my fav movie - a GOOD vampire movie - Interview With the Vampire). i don't have pictures because it was too long ago and digital was only a technological pipe dream then... we wore lace and velvet...

anyways. i'm gonna try my best not to be around anywhere full of Twi-hards...

i have a few ideas floating around for this year in my head but... i still haven't decided. any suggestions?

some past Halloweiners....

50's pin up. easy costume... one of the rare Halloween costumes where i didn't wear a wig!

Marie Antoinette... pretty complicated costume, but i was satisfied with the result.

a baby doll... dolly... whatever. i didn't like this one too much. it was a last min effort. not my style.

last year... mermaid. made this one myself... one of my fave costumes ever!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

hellz x gshock!

i love Hellz Bellz & i love G Shock... so naturally, i would love to adopt their lovechild...

i'd like the white one, since i am on a spending slow down... it was the polka dots that got me. the yellow will just have to wait.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

butter jelly?

... no, Butter London nail polish... Jelly formula!

Butter makes some pretty cool nail polishes. it's hard to justify paying $17 for nail polish, but when the formula is superb and the color is unique enough, why not splurge every once and a while (hello Chanel Les Khakis?). they even came out with colours that pay tribute to Alexander McQueen for this fall... very cool

so, anyways... jelly.

there are 3 polishes in this collection... Chuffed, Twee... and my newest acquisition, Stroppy. these aren't new on the market (spring stuff, i think?) but they are new to me. i worked with Chuffed to make a super hot gradient mani with gold a while back...

i have big plans for Stroppy... rest assured, i will share my results. it's a sheer pale grape, speckled with iridescent glitter. what should i mix it with? silver? green? blue? gold? hmm...

special delivery!

after a long day at work, it's always nice to come home to eBay goodies in the mailbox... or in this case, on the doorstep

judging by the size and shape of the package, i was pretty sure it was my new booties... but with over 10 recent auction wins, it could have been anything!

... so there was only one way to find out!

so excited! my calfskin, ponyhair leopard Dolce Vita booties. i know they have a lot of bells & whistles and might not be everyone's cup of tea... but i am super amped about them.

they are Domo approved!!!

nice dye jobs...

i'm not saying i condone animal dye jobs... but you gotta admit... having your own panda puppy is kinda cute...


riddle me this...

why would you think i wouldn't reject your friend request on Facebook (3 times, no less), if i rejected your friendship in real life?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


excuse me mr. campbell... gimme. now.

Monday, September 13, 2010

my take on the vma's

i was really looking forward to the MTV VMA's... i don't know why, but i was anxious all day about it.

anyways, this will be shorter if i only talk about the things i liked (aka NOT nicki minaj, kanye's new song & excess chest, ke$ha, lipsynch)


lady gaga. she looked amazing & she won almost everything and deserved it all. i loved that she wore Alexander McQueen aswell... shoes circa Spring 2010, his last collection.

Rihanna - popped up out of nowhere to join Eminem to open the show. the same way i was hoping for in detroit... we wasn't so lucky there. so... that was a 2 for 1. 2 artists i admire, 1 great preformance.

the cast of Jackass. i almost forgot these guys existed... even better? Jackass 3 is coming out soon... i could probably do without it being in 3D though.

lastly... Justin. enough said.

30 Seconds to Mars. i don't particularly like or dislike them... but i thought their wardrobe was looking good. so, there you go.

honourable mentions: go Canada... congrats Biebs. nice going on the award... Drake, B.o.B... & Cher!!?? her plastic surgeon really knows how to "Turn Back Time"... har, har, har

and with that bad joke, i'm done :P

Sunday, September 5, 2010

i'm watching Bob Saget do stand up on tv...

... and i will never get those 10 minutes of my life back.

why did i do this to myself?

he sucks.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

meet Domo

i go to the cne every year... and spend a grip on trying to win a ton of stuffed animals that i don't do much with. i guess i'm greedy. i have a zillion Care Bears, My Little Ponies, Simspons characters & so on and so forth from the past few years.

melissa helped me behave myself this year by watching my spending habits. i promised not to spend over $20 on games and once i win the prize i want... i would stop.

i zeroed in on my goal... a little brown, fuzzy, square guy... Domo. not familiar with his antics? click here!

he farts when he's nervous.

anyways, a few tries at the birthday game and with a blow on the dice from my partner in crime.... and he was mine.

home from Home and Home

... i go to a lot of concerts, but i have never been to one that had 45,000 people in attendance. crazy!

just got back from Detroit where i caught the 2nd night of the Jay Z & Eminem "Home and Home" tour at Comerica Park. it was a little windy (and cold) in the D (ha!), but it was a small price to see a concert that is likely to go down in history as one of the best...

i'm sure you've heard about it... and it is exactly what you would expect. amazing!

we had some special guests... B.o.B, Jeezy, D12, Trick Trick and 50 Cent & G Unit... we were a little bummed when we didn't get Drake (he was there on the first night), until Dr Dre came out... c'mon, that is a pretty good surprise!

anyways, maybe i'll update again when i steal melissa's videos :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

calling all bearded men...

"i am the queen of vagina, i am the queen of promiscuous, i am the queen of genita..."

*sway back and forth, fan private parts*