Friday, November 27, 2009

nice parking job, asshole

the only thing that would make this parking job more inconsiderate is if it was a wheelchair spot...


quicy updates

quincy usually only has one job in the office... begging for food. our fav homee came by the office the other day and brought some kick ass cupcakes... as i was passing them out, i felt a presence near me... like someone staring at me...

figures, it was quincy looming in the background. if you don't share, he'll just eat the cupcake wrapper out of the garbage. gross.

so now we've found quincy an actual job in the office... message dog. i think he's taken to it quite well.

"don't buy lunch without me" - C

"your sister called" - N

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

while on the topic...

what is going on with this mannequin's pose? why are they promoting the crotch at Forever 21?

meh, why not i guess...

creeping Ms. Jameson

so yeah... back from cali for sales meetings and have a couple updates...

*in Forever 21 w andrea aka gary*

her: "hey... that chick over there looks like a blow up doll..."

me: "yeah, she does..." *double take*

me: "ummm... i think thats Jenna Jameson"

after some deliberation, we come to the conclusion that it IS Ms. Jameson... fascinated by her, for whatever reason, i creep on her in the store like some weak ass paparazzi with my Blackberry camera... see below:

this wasn't good enough, we needed her fabulous shoes in the pic and this wasn't gonna cut it. the last thing i need is to get caught, yelled at, then end up on TMZ. so we had a different plan... help Ms. Ortiz with a size she needed from the top shelf... and trade her for a picture for my "BOYFRIEND" who is a "big fan" (my imaginary boyfriend is a better story than... lets say... me being a big fan?! ew.)

anyways. end result below:

she's nice... very little... and loves F21... the end!

(i think that is the only thing she and i have in common :S)

Monday, November 16, 2009


i'm not shocked when i see teenagers or college students out in their flannel pj pants at the grocery store... or even the mall. they are usually worn with uggs too, no?


these fashion offenders are usually girls... but look at what i found at my neighbourhood Wal-Mart the other night...

this was a grown ass man in crusty beer bottle flannel pants AND as if to add insult to injury, Crocs.



... chicken boobs to be more specific.

ever since KFC started this whole boneless breast fillet thing, i've been all over it... i had them 4 times last week and started this week off with more... i hope they aren't a limited time offer!

i've never been a huge kfc fan before this (i only like white chicken meat... no bones... former KFC fail) and now i'm all over it. i'm a big coupons fan too... 2 can dine? i'm there!

the meal even comes in a pretty box...

yes, it's true. i posted about kfc.

Monday, November 9, 2009

greedy girl!

since we are on the topic of stuff i want... the new Winter Agent Provocateur stuff is out...

i'd like something (everything?) from the Melody range... or maybe Cheri (has my coveted heart pasties! didn't i ask for these last year and NOT get them?? sigh.)

i don't have to always have the newest stuff tho... my fav collection is The Classics. i already treated myself to 2 pairs of Marilyn tie up panties... i think it's about time the set gets completed, don't you?


mini oink!

so i was watching the Tyra Banks show (what? it's my alone tv time in the office before the boys get here...) and it was about micro pigs! actually, the majority of the show was about tape worms and the dumb ass chicks who wants to intentionally get one just to lose weight... thank god for the cute piggies they had after to make me forget about their stupidness

so... micro pigs. when they are babies, more than one can fit in a teacup... they don't sweat (except from their nose) so they aren't stinky, they are as smart as most primates/monkeys, can be taught to do tricks AND they can be litter box trained... whats not to like?

christmas is coming up soon... i would like to order a micro pig, with a side of puppy.


Monday, November 2, 2009

THIS was a wig?!

ok umm... i'm not mad at you for having issues (losing hair, going bald, whatever)... BUT really? THIS IS YOUR WIG? you wore a wig mullet all that time!??!?!?!?!!!!!!

... geez, maybe it was the crystal meth


you know... most people that have plates like "HTSTUFF" "SX-E" "QT69" are generally not that cute.

... kinda like the balding guy in the convertible BMW. trying to make up for it isn't fooling us...


halloween nails

..... these are my mermaid-esque halloween nails. chrome and jewels... kinda like buried treasure... huh, huh? they took a while to create and even longer to take off...

anyways, i liked them :)

... mermaid-tastic!

... aaaaaaand i'm back!

halloween 2009... i knew i couldn't miss out, because halloween is my christmas (sorry, Jesus)

my costume was a last min DIY project, but i was pretty happy about it's outcome... went to some weak ass party, but i was in good company. the universe worked things out

shout outs to melissa's cleavage and the 239847339387203023957 Lady GaGas