Friday, September 30, 2011


killa's first sale :)

the festivals patrons loved the earrings... so happy!


a little experimenting...

Friday, September 9, 2011

halloween countdown

i know it's still september, but it's already time for me to start thinking of a Halloween costume.
last year's was pretty good... the year before was even better. i think it was diy the metallic jeweled nails. those things were amazing. they got caught in my wig a lot tho...

any help with this year is much appreciated!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

vintage DD

a new/old tee for my collection! circa 1985

working hard!!!

i'll be selling my babies at the 5th annual Manifesto Festival on Sept 25th 2011, in their Freshest Goods market. i'm nervous about people liking/buying them... but excited to be a part of the Manifesto family. it's an 11 day festival with a ton of things to see and do... after you decide how many pairs you want from me, make sure to check out some of the 13 events around the city and 100 + artists who will be preforming ;)


i have a little (understatement) obsession with make up.

not counting the stuff i keep in the bathroom for my everyday applications, everything is kept in my room in a 3ft storage container with shelves. it is packed to the brim and all divided up by different types of make up... eye products, face stuff, lips... in fact, i have 2 different shelves for lip products. lip gloss and.... lipstick.

on a rare saturday without plans, i cracked into the lipstick shelf to do some organizing/downsizing. i never realized how many lipsticks i had... do i really need 26 shades of pink?? (answer = yes)

i really was gonna try to throw out shades i don't wear anymore, but i couldn't bring myself to do it. so i just kinda stacked them neatly and slid the shelf shut.

anyhoo. i'll let the pictures tell the rest.

mmmm pretty.

someone should ban me from the MAC store.

my #1 fav shade... MAC Lacquer in Wanderlust. it's perfect... liquid lipstick, so much colour. i have 3 tubes because it's discontinued and i tried to stockpile it, via eBay.

it's been a while...

... since i've done a nail post. i haven't done anything that interesting recently, but i've been wearing the gold zebra again this week... i jazzed it up a little with an aqua zebra ring ringer. i like!

(note the hello kitty jammies in the b/g... very chic)

just because


Friday, September 2, 2011

magnets & nail polish

two things i never thought could go together...

awesome new nail polish i HAVE to get... an italian cosmetics brand called Layla has come out with a magnetic nailpolish range called Magneffect and i am dying to get my hands on a bottle of it...

apparently it's pretty easy to use too... just paint on a layer of polish, hover a magnet (comes attached to the cap) over it when its wet... and these awesome stripes appear.

just when i thought i couldn't buy anymore nail polish..... sigh.