Sunday, September 4, 2011


i have a little (understatement) obsession with make up.

not counting the stuff i keep in the bathroom for my everyday applications, everything is kept in my room in a 3ft storage container with shelves. it is packed to the brim and all divided up by different types of make up... eye products, face stuff, lips... in fact, i have 2 different shelves for lip products. lip gloss and.... lipstick.

on a rare saturday without plans, i cracked into the lipstick shelf to do some organizing/downsizing. i never realized how many lipsticks i had... do i really need 26 shades of pink?? (answer = yes)

i really was gonna try to throw out shades i don't wear anymore, but i couldn't bring myself to do it. so i just kinda stacked them neatly and slid the shelf shut.

anyhoo. i'll let the pictures tell the rest.

mmmm pretty.

someone should ban me from the MAC store.

my #1 fav shade... MAC Lacquer in Wanderlust. it's perfect... liquid lipstick, so much colour. i have 3 tubes because it's discontinued and i tried to stockpile it, via eBay.

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