Monday, July 20, 2009


in case you didn't notice, killaheartsyou is in sleep mode for now.

when selling season happens, i am in instant social hiatus!

i'm off to schlep some fashion... see you when i see you ;)

heart you!

picture crash!

i think i've perfected the art of the picture crash...

Friday, July 10, 2009

BBQ !!!

everyone loves a summer BBQ... especially here at Offshoot! this one was on Canada Day (yeah i know, way to be on top of things... better late than never?)

i would have said the highlight would be the 6 cases of red bull (drool) and burgers... but that comes in 2nd now.

1st place?


you heard me right... swingers came to our BBQ and propositioned 3 innocent BBQ go'ers. girls AND boys. it didn't help that they were both taller than 6"4.

leave your dirty antics at home! or at least at someone else's friends & family function! alskfjalkflakfj

anyways... pictures of the less perverse moments ;)

All White

so i have a backlog of pictures i stole from my friends (hi Trini! hi Laura!) over the last couple of weeks that i haven't posted... too busy and/or lazy...

a few hilights from Warner's All White... had a good time, mostly because i was in good company :) btw, i am aware that i am not in "all white" but it was freezing that night and i had to go back for my jean vest! ha :/


i gave in and bought a pair of harem pants on sale...

... i feel like a ninja!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Butt Pumps!

road trips are always fun with Seven. we see some... interesting things.

did it ever occur to these people that their business name is a little... whats the word...