Saturday, January 31, 2009

Adventures in driving with my mom... pt #1

this will probably be the first entry of many on this particular topic. i love my mom... but driving with her is... stressful.

me: hey um... just letting you know the speed limit here is 70. you are going 55... in the left lane. just in case you were wondering why everyone is passing you...

mom: so? i don't care. they can just pass me if they want

me: *shrinks down into seat*


mom: geez. those cars ahead of us are turning so slowly. they aren't considering other people!

me: yeah, it sucks when people drive slow... it IS inconsiderate

mom: shut up

Friday, January 30, 2009


.... and i'm still working. from home. it just never ends! but i signed up for it and i'm happy to be doing it (sometimes, ha)

anyways. i've ate fried chicken 4 times this week (thank you, Popeyes and KFC) and McDonalds once.

for some reason, McD's tastes extra good to me lately. that might explain why i had it 4 times last week.

i know, i know. do me a favor and lemme know if you start seeing a double chin. heart attacks are a little harder to see from the outside though... crap.

*body screams for help*

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fresh out the box!

ok, so not quite OUT the box. more like in the box. or... trapped in it

look closely and you'll see our office mascot's (Quincy) snout peeking out the corner. we had a little fun in the 'shoot today and watched him run around with the box on top of him. we thought he would freak out, but he was oddly ok with it and didn't bark once

then again... his favorite food is garbage.

look out for video footage coming soon on!

Put your feet up....

This guy took that too literally. just chillin in the mall... RELAXING to the max! i don't even sit this way at home! haha

even weirder, this guy is almost an exact copy of a guy i caught last year in a different mall:


except he took it one step further and took the shoe off. my people are NOT representing!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random thought (or smell?)

i went to Shoppers Drug Mart today to buy some anti perspirant because i was running low (what? at least i keep myself smelling pretty) and i noticed something weird...

i'm very loyal to Lady Speed Stick and noticed something was off. i was always happy that my fav brand just coincidentally happened to be one of the more affordable ones (lets save those pennies for shoes n junk) but it was $4.49 today.


wasn't it always like $2.99?

f you, Shoppers.

*end rant*


It's exactly one month until my birthday today... so mark Feb 25th down in your calendars! :)

PS: Happy Chinese New Year!! (i'm gonna go back and join my fam now)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Killa <3's the Killers!

I went to my 4th Killers concert yesterday with Michelle... yay! i love these guys

a group called M83 opened for them... they were, umm... good? sounded like they were in the same general synth pop style as the Killers except a little darker/moodier and... all their songs took about a minute to start... and 5 to end. they might aswell be an instrumental band if you ask me (but you didn't)

the concert overall was really good... Brandon doesn't play to the crowd much, but the audience was extra lacklustre and i don't know why. except for the old guy in front of us doing a certain dance all night... (see below pictures haha)

top 3 picks for the night:

1) Joyride (where the "sexy dance" request came up)
2) Somebody Told Me
3) For Reason's Unknown
(close runner up, The World We Live In)
the bassist kept reminding me of Oliver (Octobers Very Own) though (i doubt he reads my blog... but it's all love :P) Oli... can you get me tickets to the next show? haha it's a little bit funny, isn't it?
killa: there shouldn't be too much traffic where you parked when we leave... thats good
michelle: oh yeah... thats true. there isn't a Leaf's game tonight, is there?
killa: um, no. or else it would be in HERE (concert was at the ACC)
love you Michelle ;)

On the road again....

So at the start of every selling season (there are 4 a year, fyi) we figure out when/where we have to do our road trips. we have a new rep in the house, Mr. Seven:30! so... it's only right to take him on his first road trip (well... him taking me is more appropriate, because he drove haha). we took the C mobile all the way there and... guzzled down 928374982735 litres of windshield wiper fluid

we left the office at around 9:30am (not bad, i used to leave at some crazy time... like 6am... i don't do mornings well!) and we headed off to P-Town (aka Peterborough) for Flavour. i was the only one with an iPod on the trip... so... sorry, you are stuck with a variety of Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, BET fodder, NERD and random gems (Dead or Alive - Spin Me Around!). and lets not forget the Black Chiney mix that seemed to never end and produced Seven's newest phrase "bad man no friend fish"

we did our appointment thing @ the store (hi Mike & flavour fam!!!) and then feasted on McDonalds after (2 can dine ;) they only offered the sandwiches i don't like... so i did some alterations. Big Mac... no sauce, no pickles... plus mayo. good times!). we swore we saw a P-Town crack deal going down... and some people who said "you's guy's". great?

keep it moving for 3.5 hours to Ottawa... to Norml and as usual... had a good one. the new store is HUUUUUUUGE and so amazing. congrats! (check out the shoe wall below!!) we did our work thing, did the social thing (more fun) and then were out!

4.5 hours later.... home.

1.5 mins later? bed.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thanks, Charlie!

so as you already know, Blush is my new fav show... make up and more make up :)

i kept noticing Charlie Green's (make up artist extraordinaire) baby blue nail polish. i usually would never be a fan of blue nail polish (seems so high school)... but looking down at my raggedy neon yellow was getting to me... so off i went to the salon for my very own baby blue mani... thanks Charlie! i love it and... well, thats it. this should be fun for a week or two...

time to go watch the new America's Best Dance Crew 3 now (yes, more tv... it's been a lazy weekend, i'm still fighting off a cold!)


(the most POINTLESS host EVER, Vanessa Marcil... and Charlie Green)

blue nails for me :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What were YOUR first 3 albums?

i asked this question at dinner last night with half of the 'Shoot.

can you believe that Lupe said one of them was Lord Willin' by The Clipse? awww... he's just a baby! (sorry to bait you out on your age there, it's all love ;)

a lot of rap/hip hop albums were mentioned.... C (being the papa of the group) added some Gene Simmons and AC/DC in there...

then there was me:

1) Spin Doctors - Pocket Full of Kryptonite
2) Duran Duran - The Wedding Album
3) Weird Al Yankovic - Alapalooza

hahaha. yeah, i know. my musical taste hasn't changed that much since then either. ha! lets just say it's... diverse.

what were your first 3?!


ok, that was a cheesy start to this haha...
anyways, i went with a chunk of the Offshoot crew (hi Big C, Safari, Data & Lupe!) to see The Clipse at Livestock for their Play Cloths debut at Livestock. bumped into Annalie, one of my fellow Timebomb gang members... love her! she brought some eS/Hundreds shoes for the guys (where are mine? jk... but if you wanna get me free stuff, i mean... i'm not gonna say no... ;)

even tho it was freeeezing the turnout was good and the clothing was darn near sold out when we got there! (see 3 pieces left in the pics below!). we hung out for a few, the Clipse dudes were really cool and Malice drew a mullet on his bros picture... c'mon, anyone with some good mullet humour is good in my books.
went to their show with the P (redbullredbullredbull!) after at Circa... that was umm... interesting. good preformance, but the crowd was a little sketchy. anyways, we snuck into the VIP (yeah, we jumped down into it like losers) and hung for a few. got lost looking for coat check... and then left.
thats it!
PS i lied... thats not it. we saw the Biggie movie. i'd give it a 7.5. the guy who played 2 Pac was horrible (check for his THUG LIFE hat)... and my fav part was when Faith (or "Faye") owned that ho in the hotel room... you go girl hahaha!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

pass the remote?

I've been working a lot like crazy lately trying to meet all my sales deadlines... and all i seem to have time to do is go to work... work... work some more, come home, eat dinner. check e-mail. watch an hour of tv, then sleep. wake up, wash, rinse, repeat. i'm not complaining though... i love my job and i'd like to think i'm good at it...

so what do you watch on tv when there is such limited time to spare? i'm not into Gossip Girl or The Hills or any of that crap.... so here is what makes it onto my screen...

24 is back... yay! so exciting! Tony is alive!? & he's a bad guy? or is he a good guy? more importantly, my hero Jack Bauer is back. he's such a manly man... Keifer is a bit of a weirdo tho, that's why i keep my relationship strictly with Mr. Bauer. lissa and i have concluded that we don't like guys who attack Christmas trees or get arrested for DUI's.

Blush. a new reality tv show on Star... basically the search for the next great make up artist. if you know me, you'll know how much i loooove make up, so this is right up my alley. it's probably most straight guy's worst nightmare tho. 1 hour of women and gay men playing with make up. (side note: i found out that one of the top 3 contestants, Todd Homme passed away recently... sad!)

Does The Office need an explanation?

A Double Shot At Love. Ok this is my most terrible guilty pleasure. what a horrible show. i managed NOT to watch the Tila Tequila one... but for some reason, i couldn't evade this one. oh the Ikki twins. how can you not watch a show where a contestant is eliminated for farting on a date? (sorry, Coop.) nothing will ever replace Flavor of Love though. sigh.

other honourable mentions that i am too lazy to find pictures of right now... 30 Rock ("me and my wife play rape!!"), The Weather Network (hey, i like to dress accordingly... AND it's interesting!), Heroes (please tell me season 4 is gonna be better... PLEASE) and 106 & Park (yes, i have a 16 year old trapped somewhere in me!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm back!

It has come to my attention that people actually like reading this thing and that my almost 2 week long absence is frowned upon... so i'm back! Both from my hiatus and LA! :)

I'm super sleepy because i've been working extra hard lately (selling season, you see.) so i'll keep this quick...

LA in point form:

-went with one of my best galpals, Dara

-stayed in a Melrose Place type complex with Debbie & Jennie (thanks for letting me sleep for 9238472394 hours on your couch and watch around in silk jammies all day ladies!)

-paid $200 for a party on New Year's that we didn't even attend... ended up at Area with the Hellz & Crooks fam instead... had tons of fun. drooled over Robin Thicke... didn't kiss any boys for the countdown tho

-went to the Getty Mansion and stalked a kid for his grilled cheese sandwich (oh ya, and looked at some paintings & scupltures n' junk...)

-shopped at Agent Provocateur (c'mon... did you think i wouldn't mention it?) and bought goodies for half price (no frickin' way! it goes on sale?!). i bought the cherries bra & panty... and got the white eyelet set as a gift :)

-went to Pinkberry for the first time... thanks for the yogurt & convo Ben!! we shoulda hung out more

-hung out on Fairfax @ stores & offices (Crooks & Hellz again... and that Bark & Bitches store where the owner loved Debbie haha), slept in the Chicago airport on a botched stopover, went to lots of clubs... drank all the stuff i wasn't supposed to... saw Ricki Lake... and almost burnt the kitchen down (not in that order)

good times!!!!

pictures... perving time!

booooooooo snow "welcomed" us home!!!