Saturday, January 17, 2009


ok, that was a cheesy start to this haha...
anyways, i went with a chunk of the Offshoot crew (hi Big C, Safari, Data & Lupe!) to see The Clipse at Livestock for their Play Cloths debut at Livestock. bumped into Annalie, one of my fellow Timebomb gang members... love her! she brought some eS/Hundreds shoes for the guys (where are mine? jk... but if you wanna get me free stuff, i mean... i'm not gonna say no... ;)

even tho it was freeeezing the turnout was good and the clothing was darn near sold out when we got there! (see 3 pieces left in the pics below!). we hung out for a few, the Clipse dudes were really cool and Malice drew a mullet on his bros picture... c'mon, anyone with some good mullet humour is good in my books.
went to their show with the P (redbullredbullredbull!) after at Circa... that was umm... interesting. good preformance, but the crowd was a little sketchy. anyways, we snuck into the VIP (yeah, we jumped down into it like losers) and hung for a few. got lost looking for coat check... and then left.
thats it!
PS i lied... thats not it. we saw the Biggie movie. i'd give it a 7.5. the guy who played 2 Pac was horrible (check for his THUG LIFE hat)... and my fav part was when Faith (or "Faye") owned that ho in the hotel room... you go girl hahaha!

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