Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Sample Sale BLOWOUT!!!

who doesn't like a deal?

i can officially say i am constantly broke because of them!

come to the:





it's been a while since my last nail post... mostly due to me being lazy and not doing anything interesting. anyways, yesterday consisted of going to the gym (i'm in pain now), eating, watching tv and doing my nails. here is the outcome of the latter!

i'm starting to become somewhat of a one trick pony with the zebra... but i keep getting better at it, so why stop now? instead of your traditional black/white route, i decided to make this more of a gilded zebra. who doesn't love a 14k striped pony?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Garfield x The Hundreds

i grew up loving Garfield, as many 80's babies did... so i was pretty excited to see that LA street brand, The Hundreds was doing a collabo with everyone's fav orange cat

i've got a couple tees and a commemorative mug on order... yay!

anyone in the mood for lasagna???

i don't like fish

but... i LOVE swedish fish

... especially the red ones.

just... so gross.

more eBay misfortunes... i'm always coming across bizarre auctions when looking for more innocent items.

(heads up to all you feet haters, this is NOT a post for you! *barf*)


this time, i think a couple pictures and the auction description will explain all:


This Auction Is For A Pair Of Sexy Teacher Beige Nylon Pantyhose

They Have Been Worn Various Times To My Job As A College Professor.

They Have My Wonderful Aroma, From Working In The Office All Day

They Are Very Well Worn But Still Have A Lot Of Life In Them and Look Great!

Soft Nylons!

Feels great on your LEGS and FEET!!!!

The Size Of The Pantyhose Is Size D. This SEXY TEACHERS Height Is 5' 10''

They Fit This SEXY TEACHERS Long Legs.

So You Can Imagine How Them Will Fit Yours.

These SEXY PANTYHOSE Are Sure To Make Your Legs Look SEXY TOO!!!

This SEXY TEACHER Knows You Will Love Them


User ID will not be shown in bidding and no questions will be publicly posted.

I respect your privacy as a valued bidder!


wonderful aroma? REALLY?????????????? ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i really have to stop trying to look for cool pantyhose on eBay....

pink for killa

today, MAC launched it's special edition "Pink Friday" lipstick to commemorate Nicki Minaj's first album release, Pink Friday. i wouldn't label myself a Nicki fan, but... i am a pink lipstick fan :) for other MAC fans out there, it's described as being close to Pink Nouveau, but... i don't really agree with that. it's lighter and more cool toned. from what i've seen, it looks pretty tricky to wear!

my fav MAC pink is a d/c lacquer... Wanderlust. best. pink. ever.


PF is going to be sold for 4 Fridays in a row, today being the first... and already sold out. so try your luck next Friday if you missed out! (maybe buy a couple... they are fetching $50+ on eBay!)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

... hearts sand.

vacation hilarity

more vacay pics... this time, more entertaining... i promise

you'll notice that the Jersey Shore has extended over to the Dominican... see Pauly D's Spanish doppelganger in the background.

some guys don't like to be humped unknowingly.

on the otherhand, some do.

careful, they'll flip it on ya tho

pool aerobics... pretty standard resort stuff...

but even this guy is confused about the instructors pants!

MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please direct your eyes towards the deepest v neck known to man. i saw this gentleman's nipples, without my consent. excuse me, this is eye rape! no means no!

i...... don't....... know

yes, this happened.

someone's speedo needed to dry, so they borrowed their mom's bikini bottom.

i can relate to this woman. i always forget to pack essential things when i go on vacation... sometimes i'll leave my hairbrush at home... toothbrush... but never, ever, have i forgotten my ass.

beach bums

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i'm back! vacay pt 1

so... i'm back and without a bangin' tan. i have one, but it's hardly respectable. damn you rain & clouds!!!!!!!!!!!

all in all, a good vacay with great people. lets explore in pictures... pt 1!

first night... watching tv with my towel swan. this is what goes on when you have your own room and are not a vacation slut :)

dress twins!

girls night out... off to Coco Bongo. how did the world's worst club provide the world's best fun?!?

one of many annoying people @ CB. i will provide more club take outs in another entry ;)

1 of the only 2 days of sun... sigh. attempting to tan! i said attempt...

stay tuned for more updates... gotta go to my first of two japanese all you can eat meals today... O_o

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Saturday, November 6, 2010


see u in a week!

don't worry bf... i will be back soon & will miss u!

Friday, November 5, 2010

oh and before i forget...

1 day!!!


i am a huge fan, so i was really excited to get NERD's new album, Nothing. i saw them in concert recently, when they opened for Gorillaz and some of the new tracks sounded really hot. anyhoo, i got the album on Tuesday, when it dropped and... after 4 days of listening to it at work and in the car, i can finally say i love it. i was a little skeptical at first, but i was the same way with Seeing Sounds.

my top 3:
1) Hypnotize U 2) Victory 3) Sacred Temple

honorable mentions go to: Perfect Defect & Hot-N-Fun

interesting side note: the front cover was shot by Terry Richardson... i wonder if everyone kept their pants on??? :P

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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