Tuesday, November 23, 2010

vacation hilarity

more vacay pics... this time, more entertaining... i promise

you'll notice that the Jersey Shore has extended over to the Dominican... see Pauly D's Spanish doppelganger in the background.

some guys don't like to be humped unknowingly.

on the otherhand, some do.

careful, they'll flip it on ya tho

pool aerobics... pretty standard resort stuff...

but even this guy is confused about the instructors pants!

MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please direct your eyes towards the deepest v neck known to man. i saw this gentleman's nipples, without my consent. excuse me, this is eye rape! no means no!

i...... don't....... know

yes, this happened.

someone's speedo needed to dry, so they borrowed their mom's bikini bottom.

i can relate to this woman. i always forget to pack essential things when i go on vacation... sometimes i'll leave my hairbrush at home... toothbrush... but never, ever, have i forgotten my ass.

1 comment:

Quinton J said...

hilarious. what flippin' resorts do you go to where man-humping and those outfits are permitted.