Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Pt 2

so i ventured out with my good friend Jay to try and figure out this whole Halloween costume thing... normally, by this time, i already have my costume and everything set up. i'm waaaaaaaay late this year and i'm SO annoyed with myself (i'll take any suggestions you may have)!

as expected, all the usual costume spots were packed, as it is the last weekend before Halloween... and i just couldn't bring myself to settle on just any disguise, so unfortunately, i am still without. but there are always a couple of funny things along the way that i thought i'd share...

we laughed at this one for a while. it was amongst the various "rasta" accessories. please note: "Rasta Imposta's: Jamaican Cigar, Party Like A Rasta Mon!"


a plethora of "gangsta" stuff... dollar sign medallions, 4 finger rings, grills and fake cash to "make it rain"... it's just an endless variety of accessories for your very own do-it-yourself BET moment!


4 more days till Halloween... wish me luck!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


so i'd update with something interesting if i had something interesting to talk about... i had the laziest of lazy days today (stayed in bed till 4 watching tv with 2 different kinds of Doritos!) and then went to dinner with my parents (shout outs to Swiss Chalet!! haha!). melissa and i texted all day about random stuff and i watched my pvr'd episode of America's Next Top Model

i know what you are thinking... how does she do it all?

anyways, you know when you have that much time to yourself, you end up daydreaming or thinking a lot...

maybe i'm not the only one, but i noticed that i seem to justify myself about what i'm not lately... for instance,

"i don't do that, i'm NOT that way..." "oh, i'm NOT like them...." "i'm NOT the way she is..."

it can be applied to a variety of situations... work, life & other... i don't think it's the healthiest way of thinking and i should be concentrating more on what i am, rather on what i am not. maybe it's just a small way on becoming more positive in everyday life...

ramble, ramble, ramble!

and i am still trying to get used to this haircut! :P

Monday, October 20, 2008

today's good deed...

yes, it's true. in case you didn't notice from the picture, my hair got the chop. even tho i shed a slight tear, i thought that it could be put to better use. on the bright side... my head feels a lot lighter and i won't take as long to get ready anymore ;)

if you want to make a child smile (and get some good karma to boot!) here is the info:

A Child's Voice Foundation
Angel Hair for Kids
3034 Palstan Road, Ste. 301
Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 2Z6
(Minimum requirement: length – 10 inches/25cm)

i got mine cut at Salon Donato at Square One and they can do the donation for you. if you do it somewhere else, you can mail the hair to the address above. they'll use it to make wigs for children who are going through treatments for cancer.

and as a special treat for myself, i've been going eBay crazy again lately... my latest snag has been these "Love You" earrings from my fav, Betsey Johnson... look out boys ;) haha!


since fall has come upon us with a vengence, i realize that the days of wearing sandals and no socks are gone. i figured i might aswell have a little fun with it, so i paired neon green hi's with my new fav peep toe booties... cute, right?

on the same day, i noticed another guy on the subway who also wanted to have fun with socks... only the end result wasn't so cute:
i mean... c'mon dude! black loafers with thick white gym socks? (and your jeans are too short, if you wanna get into it.)
oh dear.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Breakfast with Lissa Monet

my lovely friend Ms. Lissa Monet ( has had a few spare slots in her sched recently, so we decided to have breakfast together before i went to work!
we decided to meet up at Marche on College & Bay and just hang out (& pig out ;) i had potato rosti & sausage and Lissa had a cheese omlette. we both drank freshly squeezed orange juice and shared typical girl convo... work, life, hair, you know... haha

then we started a convo about blogging... what is TOO much information? for instance... is getting too personal a good/bad idea? personally, i haven't ever really blogged about dating or whatever... but im sure we all have some HILARIOUS stories that would make such good reading material. i wouldn't wanna call anyone out, but the experiences alone are worth it! anyhoo... its something to think about ;)
what would you wanna know?

i picked the teeniest orange juice by accident... its like a baby cup!

Lissa... with the grown up OJ haha

me and my sausage! :P

Monday, October 13, 2008

Order Tod!

i love when people mess around with these signs... it makes my day. so to whatever immature idiot did this... thanks for making my night end on a good note... (and thanks to dennis for turning the car around so i could take a picture of it!)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

today was a productive day in comparison to yesterday (which was spent watching an MTV marathon of "Exiled" and... not much else). i watched "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist" with Jackie in the afternoon (really cute!)... and then went to my uncle's for Thanksgiving dinner for a total of 1 hour, before i ditched my family for Maxwell... sorry, but any Maxwell fan would understand. that man has been off the radar for years and the concert was great!

his voice is just so effortless...

fav songs of the night:

1) 'Till the Cops Come Knockin' (my #1 in general)
2) Get To Know Ya
3) Whevever, Wherever, Whatever

3rd row!

killa & P (she wore her Louboutins out tonight!)

the ladies we're lovin' them some Maxwell!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


anyone that knows me well knows that Halloween is my favorite time of the year (next to my birthday, of course)... i absolutely love it! for one day, i can dress the way i really want to dress, with no judgement!! *ahem*

anyways, im still at a loss for a costume... but after some research... i know what i am NOT gonna be...
sexy nurse, sexy cop, sexy cowgirl, sexy maid.... the list goes on and these are all played out. i know i'm still gonna see a ton of them wherever i go out, but it is not gonna be me!! ladies, being sexy is ok, but leave the cliched costumes at home!

angels/devils. again. played out. i found this picture of someone selling angel wings on eBay tho... girl, did you HAVE to take the picture of you in a thong?! what are we really selling here??

don't sexi-fy Christmas. DON'T. that is another holiday all together... leave it till dec 25th, ok?
and do not think i forgot about the boys... i know halloween isn't as big a deal to most of you, but there are a bunch of costumes that should be left in the dark aswell... here are a couple that i've come across on my hunt:
hahahahahaha... i think it was the picture that got me on this one. anyways, the whole rasta costume thing... you just KNOW this guy is gonna go around all night saying " 'eyyyy mon!!!" and making "ganja" references. he's gonna be annoying. don't invite him to your party. or mine.
and now for my most HATED Halloween costume EVER... *rolls out the red carpet*
yep. this guy. we all know him. the lame guy that comes as a pimp... i mean, i wouldn't hate someone who took the time to create a really cool pimp costume... like, the real deal or whatever. but this guy? no, no. he buys the neon green velvet pimp suit with the zebra detailing and matching hat. the same suit that they sell at Party Packagers every year for $29.99. i suppose it's been around so long because enough douchebags exist to buy it AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN... so... lame neon pimp guy... see you on the 31st.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

public transit...

a lot of us take public transit sometimes... and i would like to pay tribute to those who do (myself included!)

a few recent events have caused me to compile a list of what NOT to do on the subway/bus:

-fall asleep on people (my bad)
-drool on people (umm...)
-eat corn on the cob (they had to peel the stalk off too :X)
-eat anything that requires utensils
-test all the different ringtones on your cellular device (in fact, this shouldn't be done ANYWHERE in public, it's annoying)
-take your shoes off
-put your feet up on the seats
-listen to music loud enough so i can hear it
-not use deoderant and decide to hold onto the highest railing (barf)
-talk to yourself
-talk to me (sorry, i probably just wanna sleep)
-sit next to me when it's clearly not crowded
-not sharing the newspaper when you are done with it (c'mon, don't hold on to that thing in your lap! i'm bored... share!!!)

i could probably go on and on... but these are just a few of the main ones that have irked me the past few days...

... see ya on the bus! ;)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

you never know what you'll find at Wal-Mart...

remember those $1 machines that you used to get gumballs, bouncy rubber balls and cheap toys from at the grocery store? and you had to BEG your mom to give you change when she was paying for the groceries?


yep. they sell gold teeth now. i guess your 5 year old is gonna beg you for $1 for his new iced out grill...