Saturday, October 18, 2008

Breakfast with Lissa Monet

my lovely friend Ms. Lissa Monet ( has had a few spare slots in her sched recently, so we decided to have breakfast together before i went to work!
we decided to meet up at Marche on College & Bay and just hang out (& pig out ;) i had potato rosti & sausage and Lissa had a cheese omlette. we both drank freshly squeezed orange juice and shared typical girl convo... work, life, hair, you know... haha

then we started a convo about blogging... what is TOO much information? for instance... is getting too personal a good/bad idea? personally, i haven't ever really blogged about dating or whatever... but im sure we all have some HILARIOUS stories that would make such good reading material. i wouldn't wanna call anyone out, but the experiences alone are worth it! anyhoo... its something to think about ;)
what would you wanna know?

i picked the teeniest orange juice by accident... its like a baby cup!

Lissa... with the grown up OJ haha

me and my sausage! :P

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