Sunday, August 22, 2010

one less


still afraid...

... of the dentist. i have an appointment at 4:00pm. i think my back molar is cracked/broken... or something of that nature :( a tiny piece of it fell out yesterday!

i've treated myself to an eBay buying spree today. check in with me in a week or so for what kind of treasures i've sniped (i am the self-appointed eSniper). hopefully the sellers are good on their shipping... their feedback says so!

anyways, enough of my eBay geek-out session... i'm gonna go eat something non-crunchy and continue to fear the dentist.


Saturday, August 21, 2010




cabana 7 pics!

i went to the 7th installment of "Jojo Cabana" last night and had a blast with good friends... this infamous party has been going on for the last 7 years and i was lucky enough to attend the last three... its always a great party with good music, good vibes and SO much fun.

the best part about it? there is always a theme! i think you know well enough by now that Halloween is my fav time of the year, so i'm all about a dress up theme party!!!

this Cabana was a total beach theme... it was a little bit chilly outside, so a lot of people were a big fail with the theme. either that, or they were just too cool to do it (i'm thinking the latter...). melissa & mansa and i totally theme'd it out... i wore a bikini top, cropped tank and acid wash jean shorts. i wore my yellow Stewart Weitzman yellow cage heels tho... i know, not beachy, but supremely hot.

a massive amount of pics now!

melissa "home clothes" & mansanator

myself with ms. jojo herself!

P looking hotter than everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

hotness x 2

my feets!

max shows up! hi max!

what did i miss out on? what's so funny???

there was a lot of cleave shared on this night! mansa is always the most generous though :)

i'm in the jungle.

melissa's nails!

my nails... Sally Hansen Mint Sprint layered with CND Gold Sparkle Effects & CND Crimson Sparkle Effects

avi gold & kevin (thanks for forgetting who i am, kevin!)

deez nut

melissa's bbm "talk to the hand"

floor palm

my besties

mansa is best friends with m. brown's bum

"sexy" lady dancing on the couch

award for best picture of the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaahahaha

telling secrets?

"time" to waste your money!

my lazy saturday has been consisting of... online trolling & shopping... and tv.

i have a tradition of watching the biography channel on saturday for a few hours. they play a slew of horrible reality shows one after another... and i love it.

but the commercials are usually a bunch of annoying infomercials. this is where i was first introduced to the infamous Slap Chop, Bumpits and Perfect Brownie (btw, I won't deny the fact that Perfect Brownie has become an integral part of our household)

then i saw the Horse Clock. halfway through the commercial i really thought this was a joke. this was SNL skit quality in the making... no?!


sorry if you really like horses, or clocks, or wasting your money... but, c'mon!

lazy saturday

i'm just being lazy on saturday, after a hectic (but rewarding) week of work...

i was doing some online shopping (as per usual) and i came across a super cute pair of boots. i decided to read some reviews on them, concerning fit and what not... and i came across... this:

"Whow, these are the most attractive Rubber Boots I`d buyed in the last years. I love them and my boyfriend gets crasy when I wear them. ;-)They fit perfectly and reminds me on the , in my oppinion, best stylish rubber boots that ever been produced by the company Tretorn in Sweden in the 70th. These Boots called "The Met" and they are even longer than the "Marsha". Perhaps JC produces simular rubber boots in the future. I´ll be the first customer"

whow, thats one of the worst grammar i'd read in a while.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


stole this from melissa (again)

bowling last week for tien's birthday... talk about a good way to start a game:

spare, STRIKE, STRIKE, spare!!!

some more pictures, stolen from t-squared himself

the birthday boy, doing what he did best that night...

melissa staying non alcoholic. myself... in a red bull induced haze

tien and myself, discussing our bowling bet... which, for the record, he lost :)

good picture!!!

craig manhandling the birthday boy!

photo crash

it's been a while... this one was worth the wait too!

thx to melissa for catching my good side.

kenny powers returns

I play real sports…not trying to be the best at exercising

oh kenny, glad to have you back!

Monday, August 9, 2010


i'm super sleepy on this Monday morning, mostly due to a super busy weekend, consisting of work, birthday party pot luck (happy birthday, jen, joey & glen!!!) and a visit to the taste of the danforth.

after getting home, i decided to relax my food coma away by doing my nails (what else, right??)

i ended up with this gradient mani... i must admit, i am rather excited about the results!

my go-to Orly gold and my new Butter London Chuffed polish...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

iphone 4

iphone 4 loser line up. ok, they aren't losers... that's mean. let me re-phrase... they are people with poor time management skills. yes?

it's just a phone... can't you wait a few weeks or whatever...? i'm pretty sure they were there for hours.

i'd wait in line for a rollercoaster... or pizza... or... concert tickets... but not a phone. then again, i used a razer until it wasn't "cool" anymore. meh. i just need the ability to make and receive phone calls. i'm not a tech person.

i love pizza.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

after the road...

so another Caribana has come and gone... i didn't bring my camera out on the road, due to the lack of pockets on my costume (the outfit lacks a lot of extra material, in general!). a bigger picture update will come later when i steal everyone else's pics...

had a great time with great friends... i'm gonna go nurse my sunburn now... g'nite!