Friday, October 28, 2011

mhmm x 2

the reflex live! my birds eye view

new new new

i'm excited to finally get my hands on a bottle of Nails Inc magnetic nail polish... the whole line is supposed to show up at sephora some day... but these are what i'll have to settle with until then.

more specifically, i got Trafalgar Square, a metallic silver/chrome colour... i wouldn't have minded getting Big Ben which was gold (sold out), but i'll pass on Houses of Parliament purple (yup, sold out too). not too into dark/vampy purples anyways.

i'll update when i actually try it out!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

sorry, it's my blog, my rules.

more DD

The Man Who Stole A Leopard - feat Kelis in LA (23/03/11). Visual effects by David Lynch

this was from an original music series called UNSTAGED, earlier this year... this was my fav of the bunch. i was gonna upload the Come Undone one too... until i watched it and saw that David Lynch inserted hot dogs on a grill into the film, the ENTIRE track... ummm... i mean, artistic interpretation is one thing and ridiculousness is another.

DD pt 2

duran duran again tonight... i know most of you don't get it, but it's so awesome that i can see them twice, not even one week apart!

ACC here i come, leopard leggings and all!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


i've had a lot of KD in my life... and never get sick of it. everywhere i go, i try to eatLink mac & cheese... but i've had a few bland ones recently that have worried me...

...all that changed when jen and i tried out the cheddar and bacon mac & cheese at Sweet Lorraine's Mac & Cheez! Kitchen in the Great Lakes Crossing Outlet. words cannot describe how yummy it was! just look at the picture... so much cheese... so much bacon... and the macaroni wasn't of the run-of-the-mill elbow variety... it was spiral/rotini pasta! it somehow made it even better.

who knew a food court could provide me with something so awesome???

the only drawback? i'd have to go back to Michigan to get it :( sigh.

something is not right

ummm. while at the dump that was a victoria's secret outlet in Detroit, i came across this.

??? a bra with built in nipples ???

don't most women try to hide the "hey, hey, it's cold in here!" look?

maybe i'm out of the loop.

dd weekend...

i know i've been lazy w updating, but did you really think i'd forget to update about my duran duran weekend?

the road trip w jen (my road dog!) was good... we listened to 190 dd songs on shuffle to prepare for the concert... and i drank a million red bulls and ate the best chocolate bar ever (mint 3 Musketeers!!)

we got to Windsor in the early evening and decided to go to Caesar's Palace casino early to engage in some buffet action... but the line up was 103294804958309485 people deep, so we settled on Nathan's hot dogs (that didn't settle quite right?! :S)

the main reason for the trip:

awesome concert, as per usual. simon was in rare form... my highlights:
  • The Man Who Stole a Leopard
  • Leave a Light On
  • Wild Boys
and i took my first iPhone video! Come Undone...

so excited because i get to do it all over again tomorrow... :D

Monday, October 24, 2011

holy tan batman

i normally don't put up celeb gossip and what not in my blog... but that is quite the self tanning mishap mrs kardashian-humphries. may i suggest some gloves for the next 2 weeks?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

g'bye bb

sorry bb... we've had some good times (playing Word Mole, taking pictures of my nails... checking e-mails?!) but things have changed. you never have enough power to do anything, your pictures are blurry and your trackball doesn't want to go down

you have left me no choice, but to go elsewhere.

it's been an interesting 3 years, bye bye bb!

2 days!

2 days till my Duran Duran concert in Windsor (road trip!) yayayayayyaya so excited!

... thennnnnnnnnnn i get to see the same concert again 5 days later in TO @ the ACC. asdal;sjfljf

Thursday, October 6, 2011

first topshop toronto score

new leopard babies for the feets