Friday, December 24, 2010

see yaaaaaa

... after i'm stuffed with large amounts of food!

i'm gonna go snoop around the tree now, then do my nails.


all you gadget lovers out there...

Christmas is tomorrow, who's gonna get me one??? dennis?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

nails & more

another nail pic... with some special guests.

i've been on a zebra nail thing for the past few weeks... so i opted to go for something a little bit out of my comfort zone.

i bought MAC's Earthly Harmony a while back but never got the chance to use it. i guess it could be described as a greyish taupe? taupey grey? greyish brown? anyways... i liked the results and it's been on for the past 4 days. it's coming off today, but i thought i would show you before that... you will also notice that Quincy snuck in (he was begging for my pizza) and my new studded booties too! i can only buy so many gifts for others... ;)

parking tickets i like

it's rare to get a parking ticket that you like... or eat!?

French from Jamvan gave us these awesome cookies for christmas... yep, they are cookies!

finally, a parking ticket i don't have to pay off...

more party!

christmas parties are the best... next up was the Offshoot annual christmas bash. it is never short of food, friends, laughs... and quincy's begging. there were a few new toys for us all to amuse ourselves with this year... including Kinect. this game really should be at every party!

karaoke was around again, via Lips. i don't think that we could have a Christmas WITHOUT it, in my opinion. but my question of the night: why was everyone so excited about singing "The Heart of Rock N Roll" by Huey Lewis??? am i missing something?

mmm cupcakesssss

best. cookies. ever.

Kinect track & field... C against junior! looks like the javelin throw...

des vs junior... des, hurdle fail.

nic vs killa... pretty even match (even tho i lost, damn you nic!)


lips/karaoke time! seven x melissa = baby's got back!

the dudley x mansa ballad hour... (hahahahhahaha @ des)

the roots x c

Thursday, December 16, 2010

merry christmas... vagina???

she's back!!!!!


every year, my mom puts together a little nativity scene up with the rest of the christmas decorations... at first glance, everything seems normal... but look a little closer.

how did Pumbaa, a Pound Puppy and a blue stegosaurus make it in there!!??!

oh mom.

'tis the season...

...for christmas parties!

my favorite party of the year just passed... my annual girlfriend's christmas get together (this year the rules were broken and there were some boys allowed. damn you fiancees and boyfriends!!!). we do all the typical stuff... eat until we burst, drink, exchange gifts... and karaoke. Singstar has been a party staple for us for the past few. a party with us is not complete without it! michelle's bizarre adlibs are usually the highlight!

i also played Mario Party on Wii... truth be told, it was my first time really playing Wii... i always avoided it for fear of looking stupid hahaha

... fyi, when you look at the pics, you'll notice that it was supposed to be an "ugly christmas sweater" theme, but most of us failed. joey was the clear cut winner by wearing his mom's shoulder pad heavy, angora monstrosity!

  • mike's brave attempt at Rapstar, even though the only song he knew was Nelly's "Hot In Herre"... kudos to you!
  • michelle's blunders... c*ckcakes? what the hell?
  • the never ending skeet jokes. sorry melissa... you are the recipient of most of these jokes. i don't even know why???!
  • the glasses! the greasy "Harry Potter" spatula!
  • the christmas tree pics
even better... pictures!

christmas mascot... bamboo!

toilet paper presents... with a surprise inside :P

my new glasses are super sexy

ummm... way to make christmas perverse!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


i should never have to walk through a mall yelling:


this is a fair warning for anyone that decides to buy the American Apparel tricot leggings in shiny peach.

they look great on... but yeah... apparently they are skin pants and will draw a lot of unwanted attention...both good and bad! be warned!

jolly mcgross

usually, McDonalds can do no wrong in my books (except the McRib, sorry men... i just don't see/taste the big deal!?) but now, they have.

i'm not a big chicken mc nugget eater, but every once and a while, i crave a couple of these... usually i don't even eat them with sauce, but i am DEFINITELY not eating them with the new Holiday Cranberry or Jolly Green Apple sauces. barf!

i dunno if i am the only one who is opposed, but... yeah. count me out!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

her name is... Kurt?

i love Kurt from Glee.

when he changed schools and glee clubs, he tried to suggest they sing "Rio" by Duran Duran...