Wednesday, December 22, 2010

more party!

christmas parties are the best... next up was the Offshoot annual christmas bash. it is never short of food, friends, laughs... and quincy's begging. there were a few new toys for us all to amuse ourselves with this year... including Kinect. this game really should be at every party!

karaoke was around again, via Lips. i don't think that we could have a Christmas WITHOUT it, in my opinion. but my question of the night: why was everyone so excited about singing "The Heart of Rock N Roll" by Huey Lewis??? am i missing something?

mmm cupcakesssss

best. cookies. ever.

Kinect track & field... C against junior! looks like the javelin throw...

des vs junior... des, hurdle fail.

nic vs killa... pretty even match (even tho i lost, damn you nic!)


lips/karaoke time! seven x melissa = baby's got back!

the dudley x mansa ballad hour... (hahahahhahaha @ des)

the roots x c

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