Friday, May 29, 2009

Bad killa

i hurt my wallet today.

-Stuart Weitzman yellow patent cut out sandals
-Bebe acid wash skinny jeans
-AA colour blocked leggings
-AA watercolour leggings (from "I Want" post below)

bad killa, very bad.

*slaps wrist*

Thursday, May 28, 2009


it's that time again, for the OFFSHOOT SAMPLE SALE! this is the Spring/Summer 2009 edition and it won't dissapoint!

there will be the freshest & newest gear from LRG, Addict, Freshjive, The Hundreds, 10 Deep and Alife (jackpot for sample size guys... 9!). and no worries ladies, we'll have Hellz Bellz, Married to the Mob, Luxirie and Keep for you :)

and in these penny pinching times, we have the return crazy $10 section... it was overflowing with discount goodies last time, so make sure you get there early!

and the best part? i'll be there cutting deals, so see ya!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I want!

you american apparel bastards always take my hard earned money away...

... $42 though? really? for pantyhose?

who am i kidding, they were made for me. sorry wallet :(

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i talked about my favorite cat, so now on to my favorite dog...

see Quincy with a prize from his garbage diving. a Tim Horton's iced cappucino cup. it's better than greasy napkins and chicken bones.

go Quincy, go!

Nails pt 23871623972

more nails... these took me a while, sorry for the blurry pic...

it's chilly outside today, but my nails are spring/summer ready. baby blue & pink w/ clay flowers & rhinestones!



meet Kitty. he/she is a cat that lives in my complex... i've seen it around in our yard and backyard for a few years.

it's the friendliest cat ever (i'm a dog lover) and always wants belly rubs. it sat on my doorstep for 10 mins meowing because i wouldn't let it in once...

... i found out yesterday that i am not the only one who is vying to adopt it (adopt aka kidnap... or catnap? heh heh heh, womp womp). the old lady from across the street said another woman a few houses down wants it


thats all :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

24 finale...

i waited all season for THAT?


PS i hate Olivia Taylor

Monday, May 18, 2009


the movie was alright i guess... i thought the ending blew, but you have to go see it and make your own opinions.

but i did love all the sexy mens in the movie!!!!

Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine

i've forgiven him for his questionably homoerotic last name. ladies (and gents?), you will too when you see him shirtless. kinda hairy, but i guess that comes with the territory

Daniel Henney aka Agent Zero

this guy is a gun expert in the movie. i am trying really hard not to make a comment/joke about HIS "guns". har har har. anyways. i digress. extremely hot!

Taylor Kitsch aka Remy LeBeau/Gambit (aka my favorite)

ok, i'm sure we're all familiar with Gambit... throwing cards, blah blah... but Taylor just happens to be my age, Canadian and... well... call me!!!!!!

sorry about the lack of a "real" movie review. i'm umm... here for the finer points ;)

Long (lazy) weekend!

so what did you do on your May 2-4 weekend? (i hate that it's called that and doesn't actually always fall on the 24th. or is it something to do with a 2-4 of beer? either way, i hate it. and i hate beer too. so there)

wanna know what i did? see below for a my POV:

yeah, i laid in bed and watched tv... for 99% of the weekend (the other 1% spent having a nice lunch/suit shopping adventure downtown, thanks Mr). geez talk about a waste of time and gray matter for the rest.

anyhoo. some key details about the picture...

-i was watching Family Guy. i used to hate that show (yeah, i know) but now i find myself watching it all the time. i think it's more for the reason that it is CONSTANTLY on and i just gave in

-my Fafi dolls are around the tv and on my stereo. the big ones keep falling and breaking though. they've both lost their lollipops and popsicles. tragic.

-my Hello Kitty socks. i had to run to the store when julie showed them to me! so cute. i swear my feet are happier in them. or at least more "asian school girl" :P

-i don't know if you can see it, but my Dreamcast is there. all i play is ancient games. Tetris... and i am a master at anything Mario (except Mario Kart, i don't like that one. i know, blasphemy). don't challenge me. i've been playing an old Tiny Toons game constantly too. oh oh... and Bubble Bobble. i love those little dragons

-i don't even want to get into how much junk food i eat when i am left to my own devices.

-my million year old bedspread. yes, there are geese on it. i hate geese. they are vicious! mostly the Canadian ones. i don't ever mess around with them. EVER. i saw one in the Square One parking lot once and walked the other way. seriously.

- the large rubbermaid containers. the one to the left is full of bikinis, scarves and socks. exciting! the one on the right is full of make up. top to bottom, all 5 layers. 1st layer - lipstick, 2nd - lipgloss, 3rd - blush/face products, 4th - eyeshadow, 5th - quads, multi purpose items. yeah i'm a hoarder

so... that is a semi tour of my room. forget the closet and underwear drawers. that would take too long.


Friday's highs and lows

yeah, i know its not friday anymore but i didn't get the chance to post this...

they say all good things come to an end. this week, one of the best things in my life came to an end. Offshoot's Red Bull fridge was taken back to it's home planet. apparently i treated it too well? ha... :/

a case of 'Bull was given as a consolation prize, but we all know that won't last long. nice try, thanks anyways.

bye, old friend...

(and thanks to the lovely annalie @ Faction for my super cute/comfy RVCA dress!!! i wore it right away xoxo :)

anyhoo... these followed soon after... thanks "dad"!!

so yummy... at least the sugar quotient was taken care of for the day!

and my new fav Supremebeing hoody and neon pink G-Shock. ALMOST as good as my neon yellow "Lady GaGa" one. don't make fun of me until you see it.

thanks, ok bye!

Watching some show about sumo wrestling....


um. whoa?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Dennis!

my bestie dennis celebrated his birthday at Wetbar on friday... i'll let the pictures do the talking!

birthday boy x presents x good friends x alcohol x good music = :)

This is what happens when you don't come to work....

Safari? we miss you so much that we did some redecorating to your desk area... we hope you like it!!!

xoxo Seven & Killa <3

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nails did

who said that that polka dots could only be on that itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow bikini?