Monday, May 18, 2009


the movie was alright i guess... i thought the ending blew, but you have to go see it and make your own opinions.

but i did love all the sexy mens in the movie!!!!

Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine

i've forgiven him for his questionably homoerotic last name. ladies (and gents?), you will too when you see him shirtless. kinda hairy, but i guess that comes with the territory

Daniel Henney aka Agent Zero

this guy is a gun expert in the movie. i am trying really hard not to make a comment/joke about HIS "guns". har har har. anyways. i digress. extremely hot!

Taylor Kitsch aka Remy LeBeau/Gambit (aka my favorite)

ok, i'm sure we're all familiar with Gambit... throwing cards, blah blah... but Taylor just happens to be my age, Canadian and... well... call me!!!!!!

sorry about the lack of a "real" movie review. i'm umm... here for the finer points ;)

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