Monday, May 31, 2010

happy birthday C!!!!

i think i've celebrated C's birthday about 4 times already this year... and we did it again @ the office today.

nic and i decided to take it upon ourselves to customize his cake... just to make his 40th extra special...

bird's eye view...

side view... a cane... eye glasses...

depends... aka old people underpantz

and the cake's crowning glory... a Viagra pill!!!


(best birthday cake EVER!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

bike riding

yep. i got myself out into the outdoors!

i have a bike path right behind my house... so with all the beautiful weather we've been having, i thought it would be a total waste not to get out there a little.

firstly... meet my bike:

it's a cute little vintage one... it doesn't have a name, but i'm sure it will earn one eventually. i have to fix the mirror tho, it's at a weird angle and i can't look at myself at all in it... oops, i mean look at the approaching bikes/traffic behind me :)

Keep Homer's
on my feet! terry cloth lined... so comfy

i kept Vitasoy in my fanny pack... are there any other asian people here who drink this? melissa?

i rode through a neighborhood and there was a house under construction with this weird scary make shift scarecrow on a tree. :/

that's it... unless you wanna see more pictures of trees.

right. i didn't think so. ok bye!


we've translated his inner most thoughts on to paper...

nails... again!

i can't keep up with how many random nail posts i do... so here is another one!

kinda blurry, but i haven't attempted nail art in a long time... so i went a little nuts. i wore these for about a week... that is a long time for me! fun!

i have a love/hate relationship with yellow nail polish... i love how it looks, but i hate applying it. its so difficult. always streaky, weird textures... ugh. i have so many yellows too... Color Club Yell Oh, OPI Banana Bandana, China Glaze Lemon Fizz, Essie Shorty Pants, China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, Sally Hansen Lightning... and that is just the ones i can remember!

this one came out ok except for an excess of bubbles (nail tip: bubbles are usually caused when you use too many thick coats of polish too quickly... take your time and let the layers dry!). it photographed pretty nice tho. it is a combo of 2 yellows.... China Glaze Lemon Fizz + OPI Banana Bandana

... the gold ring finger is China Glaze Passion, layered with China Glaze Medallion

i'm still on the quest for a perfect yellow polish application...

is it wrong

that i think i am in love Russell Brand after seeing Get Him To The Greek on monday? that movie was frikken hilarious...

i wanna run my hands through his hair!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

eBay hotness

i love eBay. if it was a person, it would probably be my best friend or something (don't worry melissa ;)

i shop a lot for all sorts of stuff... nail polish, shoes, cell phone accessories... and most of all, clothes. i manage to snipe all sorts of goodies for great deals, so whats not to love?

anyways, i was perusing the 'bay today and came across... this.

number one... why is someone's mom modeling this tank top?

number two... why is mom still stripping?

maybe i'm being harsh but... ew. if you put yourself up on the net, you put yourself out there... and now we all have to suffer because of it.

and in case you were wondering, NO, i didn't bid.

Monday, May 10, 2010


have you ever got the feeling that someone was watching you?

what do you do when you can't decide on one colour?

you use them all!

Friday, May 7, 2010

i can't live without...

  • denim vests
  • feather earrings
  • my hairdresser Mas'oud
  • my gold Coach moccasin ballet flats
  • cheese
  • Super sunglasses (esp my tie dye ones!)
  • American Apparel tricot leggings
that is it for now.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

my boyfriend

meet Cheez-It. it's too bad it's a cross border relationship... he's not available in canada. ah well. he's tasty enough to make that trip... and i won't cheat with Cheese Nips...


i love food with grill marks.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


i haven't been in too much of a cleaning mood lately (am i ever?) because i'm too pooped when i get home... so i decided to start small. organize my ever growing nail polish collection... i think i've covered all bases with colours... i think i have everything except browns (poo fingers!) or burgundies... not my cup of tea. i obv have a soft spot for brights and neons...

my 2 favs right now are Essie Mint Candy Apple and China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy... so happy my toes are allowed out now!


i went to nyc a couple of weeks ago for some sales meetings... i do a little bit of traveling for work and i must admit, i'm starting to really like some of these cool little boutique hotels... case in point, Night.

i am, by no means, a spoiled brat when it comes to travel. hell, i stayed in a 1 star hotel in vegas with all my co-workers. hookers in the lobby (teeth optional), dirty ass carpet, plastic under my sheets... need i say more? so, when i got to stay in the "voted sexiest hotel in the US", i was pretty psyched.

the place is constantly under a brooding, dim light... hence the name... and is covered in pictures of tattooed models and rock stars, black and white graphic art and gothic inspired furnishings. hidden by a black curtain entrance in mid-town NYC (steps away from Times Square!)... Night is def a hotel to check out!

Carnival Nationz 2010 Sparrow D'Legend band launch!

so... i'm back after a long blog hiatus... most of my typing prowess has been used for work lately, apologies ;)

anyways! i participated in the Carnival Nationz 2010 band launch. the theme this year is honouring the calypso legend, Sparrow. each section's costumes were designed from Sparrow songs... this was pretty educational for me, as i didn't have a lot of prior knowledge about the artist.

so... this was the first time i ever participated in a launch & i can probably sum it up in one word... hectic! make up being done, feathers flying, loud music, co-ordinators running around, glitter EVERYWHERE, costumes falling apart, photographers all over... crazy. all in all, the experience was fun and i'm happy that CNz allowed me to be a part of it!

i was a part of the "Big Bamboo" section... i'm sure you can catch the innuendo in that song title ;) anyways... it was a more subdued colour palette, consisting of brown, cream & silver... most of the other costumes were pretty bright, so this was a refreshing change for those looking for a more neutral look. what i need to know is how i can get into "d'Birdie" section for Caribana... gorgeous!

anyways... a few pics... i'm sure i'll come across a slew of them in the coming weeks tho... so just a preview ;)

Bamboo girls & Lizard lady!

backstage... crazy!

i don't know how these people keep themselves together amongst all the insanity! my hats off to them!

initially, i was on the fence about the orange lips... but after seeing the pics, i think they worked out just fine :)