Friday, May 21, 2010

bike riding

yep. i got myself out into the outdoors!

i have a bike path right behind my house... so with all the beautiful weather we've been having, i thought it would be a total waste not to get out there a little.

firstly... meet my bike:

it's a cute little vintage one... it doesn't have a name, but i'm sure it will earn one eventually. i have to fix the mirror tho, it's at a weird angle and i can't look at myself at all in it... oops, i mean look at the approaching bikes/traffic behind me :)

Keep Homer's
on my feet! terry cloth lined... so comfy

i kept Vitasoy in my fanny pack... are there any other asian people here who drink this? melissa?

i rode through a neighborhood and there was a house under construction with this weird scary make shift scarecrow on a tree. :/

that's it... unless you wanna see more pictures of trees.

right. i didn't think so. ok bye!


melissa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
melissa said...

no vitasoy for me. my mom used to give it to me as a child and say it was chocolate milk. sorry mom, but malt flavoured soy milk is SO NOT chocolate milk. i've been scarred ever since.

(hahaha..i deleted the comment cuz there was a typo...or more like an extra word that didn't make sense).

killa said...


the malt one is my fav!