Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i'm baaaaaaaaack!

my office is too cold to update properly (i wish i was wearing my mittens) but... i'm back, burned and bummed. i miss the beach! above... the view from our balcony. see why i miss it?

anyways... a proper post eventually... but not today ;)

Friday, December 11, 2009

bye! byebyebyebyebyebyebyebye

goodbye minus 92384789374 temperatures and hello jamaica...

... more importantly,


see you in a week ;)

i saw a woman who looks exactly Brian Setzer

ok yeah, you don't have to know who Brian Setzer is.... who cares. the big issue is that i saw a chick that looked just like him yesterday. hair and everything. kinda dressed like him too... uhh, ok really random/pointless post

random BB picture dump

i doubt these pictures require 4 different posts... so enjoy a 4 in 1 deal!

quincy and i hanging out on the couch... this was after an indian buffet OD session

the last Red Bull in the office, enjoyed by me... on a lonely friday... ahem. there better be some more when i get back from vacay!

super score! Supreme for the price of crap ass gas (my usual)!

my closet is... busting open. this is only the tip of the iceburg too. you should see my shoe closet! or my t-shirt pile... that one is nuts

Monday, December 7, 2009

ew, american apparel what did you do


zebra nails

after seeing laura's lovely zebra nails... i decided to try it. not quite as nice, but it's a start? (you'll notice my suitcase in the background... preparing for Jamaica in t-minus 5 days!)

wanna try it? ... i used OPI's Let Them Eat Rice Cake

happy birthday ces!

what birthday wouldn't be complete without a drunken birthday girl, jager bombs, weak game and a run in your stocking?

"you've got swagger with a capital S"

who really says that to a girl???

anyways. i stole bread from the kitchen and got caught... only embarrassing for 2.5 seconds. i forgot about that as soon as i ate it.... mmm bread.

hihihihihi... ces (bday princess), laura (my sister), bryce (you cannot escape me, you will be my co-worker forever!), jas, wan, kim, shoshanna, joyce, nick & more :)

anyways, what you really came for... pictures! :D

DD <3

i took this pic... then realized some creeper made his way over to laura... ha!

the claw has returned!

no one asks us about being sisters anymore!

birthday girl!

"shout me out!"

excuuuuse me, i asked for Red Bull, not Red Rain!!!

getting caught for stealing the bread was well worth it ;)

hiii jas!

KO'd in the cab

Friday, December 4, 2009


thats all ;)

Jersey Slore

... i mean shore ;)

i watched the whole 2 hour premiere on mtv and... now i think i have to watch the rest. it's like a car crash, you shouldn't look, but you have to. these people are ridiculous. it's basically a reality show about 8 "guidos" and "guidettes" who all stay together in a beach house at the Jersey Shore... thanks for making me watch this melissa, now i have a new horrid show to add to my list

i have never seen so many...

-fake tans -fake hair -hair gel -fake boobs -bare chests

... in one episode of a show.

they can't go 2 seconds without profanities... or the word "bro"

the guys are proud of their stupid spikey hair and the girls love it. one of them in particular wants her man to be a "tall, dark, tanned, guido juicehead"

if i met them... i would set their hair on fire...


i got...

... new tights and i wanna wear them. they have been sitting in my drawer for a month now...

they are the sequel to the "i want" post from the summer. i loved those watercolor babies so much... (even tho they got several runs the ONLY time i wore them... f you american apparel. what good is my $42?)


i need somewhere to wear the 2nd pair (turquoise airbrush... ahh). suggestions? too hot for jamaica...

maybe a date. any takers?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Aruba, Jamaica... oooh

... ok just Jamaica. i just wanted to incorporate the Beach Boys in it... :P

i'll be here in just over a week for a VERY well deserved vacation... my phone will be off and my e-mails will pile up in a violent way...

right melissa? :)