Monday, December 7, 2009

happy birthday ces!

what birthday wouldn't be complete without a drunken birthday girl, jager bombs, weak game and a run in your stocking?

"you've got swagger with a capital S"

who really says that to a girl???

anyways. i stole bread from the kitchen and got caught... only embarrassing for 2.5 seconds. i forgot about that as soon as i ate it.... mmm bread.

hihihihihi... ces (bday princess), laura (my sister), bryce (you cannot escape me, you will be my co-worker forever!), jas, wan, kim, shoshanna, joyce, nick & more :)

anyways, what you really came for... pictures! :D

DD <3

i took this pic... then realized some creeper made his way over to laura... ha!

the claw has returned!

no one asks us about being sisters anymore!

birthday girl!

"shout me out!"

excuuuuse me, i asked for Red Bull, not Red Rain!!!

getting caught for stealing the bread was well worth it ;)

hiii jas!

KO'd in the cab

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