Saturday, March 27, 2010

sayonara, 24

so, apparently the current season of 24 will be it's last... apparently the writers and cast want the series to "end on a high note". i'm pretty impressed with this season so far (minus the Dana/Jenny drama) but...



i want a pet dragon!

i saw "How To Train Your Pet Dragon" with melissa today... such a good movie! it was my first time seeing an IMAX 3D movie too... i know, welcome to the year 2000... i've been ushered into it with my first laptop (sorry, i'm a PC) and an IMAX film... yay

and after seeing Toothless and his adorable puppy-like ways, i officially want a pet dragon... can you say no to this face?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

killa hearts girlfriends

... not that way, fellas. get your heads outta your ass.

you should never take the good people in your life for granted... specifically, girlfriends. good ones are hard to find

it's not just the late night phone calls and giggling about boys... but the really good stuff. like:
  • taking the same picture together over and over again and over again... even though the first one looked fine (thank god for digital cameras)
  • sighing with relief when they say "yeah, i didn't go to the gym either"
  • allowing them free reign on your face with a make up brush... only to find out they have left you with stained with multiple profanities
  • having her yell "EEW, YOU'RE UGLY! STOP TALKING TO HER!" when you are getting harassed at a club by some dude
  • laughing until you cry at your girlfriend's blunders/embarassing moments, only to secretly love her more for them
  • talking about flatulence and bodily functions plainly
  • having parties with comfort food themes
  • a person who sees you as a confidant, not competition
  • wearing twin PJs at a slumber party when you are closer to 30 than 20
  • someone who looks out for you first, even before themselves...
a homage to girlfriends :)

i like

gone are the days of "accidental" sock mix ups!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

fav things right now

a few of my fav things right now... all in one picture!
  • my new nail polish Essie Mint Candy Apple
  • new MAC lipglass (Perennial High Style) & lipstick (Ever Hip) from the Give Me Liberty of London collabo. i'm always a sucker for special edition packaging....
  • my ratty looking Sam Edelman suede boots... i bought these 2 boxing days ago & have 3 pairs. it's not the boots i'm excited about, it's the fact i can wear suede now without a worry!


melissa & i had brunch on sunday... at 2pm?

apparently, we are lame "sauga" people and don't get the concept of downtown brunch. we think of it as being between breakfast & lunch.... therefore, before noon. awesome downtown people say its anytime before dinner... whatever.

anyhoo. here's what i had! a spicy scrambled egg popover w cheese, potatoes & greens... tasty

Thursday, March 11, 2010


clogs have come in and out of fashion for ages... and i will never give in. even some of my most beloved designers (Chanel - karl, why?) have brought them back for spring 2010. sorry...


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

buy me!

stuff i am eyeing. some of it's new... some of it's old. some of it's cheap, some of it's not. anyways... gimme gimme gimme!

dolce vita chain bootie... i think these are old enough to be on sale now... this should probably be my last closed toe purchase. summer is coming, i tell you!!!!!!

cheez-its. i would go to the end of the world for these... cheese nips are NOT an acceptable replacement, even though i settle for them at times.

rachel pally swing top in island print.... anything in the island print will do! the swimsuit is on its way :D

dolce vita pumps again... zebra... my fav safari beast. ok THESE will be my last closed toe purchase??? ;)

my beloved retractable sharpie...

the new hellz bellz general vest. i've lusted for this vest since the first time i saw it... unfortunately, this picture of fergie-ferg wearing it was the only one i could find. ah well. do your thing fergalicious!

coral casio mini G... please make friends with my wrist?

Monday, March 8, 2010

lazy guy

quincy... he's been acting out lately. his most recent defiance is hanging out on the couch. he is not allowed to be on it, but... well, see for yourself.

every once and a while, it's hard to deny him a belly rub


i loved zoe saldana's givenchy oscar dress. i know she was at the top of the worst dressed list, but it was a refreshing cascade of tulle and ruffles in an otherwise boring sea of dresses.

maybe it was over the top, but so what? it's the freakin' oscars!

i got Minx'd!

i've wanted to try this out for soooo long and i finally got to get a Minx manicure on thursday with annalie!

the process was pretty simple... imagine little strips of tape put on your nails and heated up under a lamp. my fingers felt like they were on fire a couple times, but i guess that comes with the territory.

i chose gold foil, with gold studs on the ring fingers... annalie got gold/silver leopard. super cute!

also... please note the best sheets ever. flannel sheep!!!!!

p-p-p-p-p-paaaaaaaaaaaarty pictorial!

the 2nd annual mansa & killa birthday party... it wouldn't have been the same without our wonderful crew of friends & family... lots of love to offshoot, agile, dr jay & everyone that came...

now onto the good stuff:

so excited to see that the claw came out to our party. it's been a while!

chris & melissa finally meet... outside of their computer screens. thanks twitter, you've spawned this friendship :P

birthday girlssssssssssssssssssss!

yolande... have you ever been to one of our sample sales??? you can spot her because she is always the one working the hardest and cracking the whip ;)

mar "barfas" brown. i'll let you ask him why he's called that. this shot was leading me to my own nickname for the night ;)


my date for the night. the always lovely & dependable, melisssssssa. she's holding my water for me and we shared a red bull in the car while listening to major lazer. now thats love!

my fav party girls! ces & laura (my sister!)

sexy feeeeeeeeeeeets! guess which ones are mine??

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

baggy crotch

Fairweather has never really been next level shopping to me... but i suppose it serves it's purpose.

i was walking around in Yorkdale mall the other day and noticed a huge "coming soon" billboard for their new location. i quickly noted that their stylist should be fired.

what is with the baggy crotch, man? just say no to the baggy leather crotch.

CORRECTION: baggy PLEATHER crotch. it looks like the lady is packin' something... and it's NOT heat

i like red bull.

a lot.

recently, whenever i have one in the office, i pull off the tab and throw it in a can that sits on my desk

(speaking of which... remember when you used to collect tabs in elementary school? did they REALLY make wheelchairs out of them!?!? anyways...)

i dumped the can out today to reveal this:

i need an intervention.

the anti boner

ladies... isn't it it strange that an item of lingerie/clothing that is supposed to emulate nakedness is the anti boner for men?

guys hate this stuff. nude underwear. nude bras. the only nude they like is... actual nudity.


it's a shame for you fellas that undergarments the colour of tensor bandages is actually the most convenient kind of undergarment. it helps keep our skivvies to ourselves. the black bra + white tee is not a good look, sorry. white summer dresses and polka dot hello kitty panties? sorry boys, the nude undies are here to stay!

Spanx takes it to another level, but i'll leave that alone today

an homage to the anti boner...

womp womp