Thursday, March 18, 2010

killa hearts girlfriends

... not that way, fellas. get your heads outta your ass.

you should never take the good people in your life for granted... specifically, girlfriends. good ones are hard to find

it's not just the late night phone calls and giggling about boys... but the really good stuff. like:
  • taking the same picture together over and over again and over again... even though the first one looked fine (thank god for digital cameras)
  • sighing with relief when they say "yeah, i didn't go to the gym either"
  • allowing them free reign on your face with a make up brush... only to find out they have left you with stained with multiple profanities
  • having her yell "EEW, YOU'RE UGLY! STOP TALKING TO HER!" when you are getting harassed at a club by some dude
  • laughing until you cry at your girlfriend's blunders/embarassing moments, only to secretly love her more for them
  • talking about flatulence and bodily functions plainly
  • having parties with comfort food themes
  • a person who sees you as a confidant, not competition
  • wearing twin PJs at a slumber party when you are closer to 30 than 20
  • someone who looks out for you first, even before themselves...
a homage to girlfriends :)


melissa said... know what pic of us would be perfect for this post??? the Xs and cki goggles! hahaha....i think i still have it in my facebook. :P

killa said...

yeah umm... what a shame, i don't have that picture...