Saturday, January 29, 2011

happy birthday killa

Messeca - Corraline... it's gonna be my birthday in less than a month... c'moooon ;)

i'll take a pair of Jeffrey Campbell - Mary Roks too. can't seem to find them in my size... not picky about the colour!

alright. i'll buy them for myself then :/ happy birthday to meeeeeeee

pink shoes

i went bowling recently and to my surprise, all the shoes were new (!!!) and PINK!

i know, all of you are probably thinking... new? wtf? no old, stretched out, stinky, gross bowling shoes. amazing.

truth be told, the new, stiff shoes actually are harder to play in... but yeah, i'll take them over fungus and athlete's foot.

i got off track here, i meant to put the emphasis on the fact they were pink. the alley was supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month. i thought it was fun... my gentleman bowling partner? probably not so much.

i think they helped me smoke him in the first game!

... and probably helped him with the next two.


that was a long blog break!

the usual excuses are to blame... busy @ work, the holidays, sick (still fighting damn bronchitis!) and laziness.

ok, it was mostly the latter.

anyways... i'm back! :P