Friday, February 25, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

last 1.5 hrs

as a 29 yr old!


...i'll never quite understand why some things happen and why some things don't.

Monday, February 21, 2011


i bought some American Apparel polish last week and i'm excited to try it... surprisingly, i've never given it a whirl. the formula seems pretty kick ass... so i will update eventually.

gotta choose between:

Mannequin (my fav so far... opaque cream nude. i might make this my birthday manicure, but with a twist. stay tuned)

maxi skirt

i wouldn't consider myself a slave to trends, but because i work in fashion... you kind of end up in a lot of them by association. if it looks good, wear it, right? at the same time, i end up wearing a lot of stuff that's "out" too... i'm pretty sure i'll be wearing leggings long after they go out of style... sorry trend gods. i can't give them up.

anyways. this spring... whats in? maxi skirts. sorry. i don't think i can do it. maxi dresses, i'm all for. maxi skirt? nope. it's not that i don't like the conservative nature of them, but there is just something about them...

oh well.


t-minus one day


i've been a hectic combination of busy and... lazy lately. since i am sick again (damn you, cold season!) i thought i would put up some overdue posts... starting with valentine's day (haha i know, so late)

my valentine's treats below:

valentine's day w girlfriends @ jackie's house... 2 types of red velvet cupcakes & an orange chiffon cake. i'll never understand the people who hate valentine's day... if you don't have a significant other, make chocolate yours! ;)


biggest & best cupcake ever! worth the wait too... (i was in line to buy them and the stupid cow in front of me took all the ones in the display before me!!!)

got home to find brownies... and a special one below from mommy to me :D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011


t-minus 10 days


... did i buy 7 different pairs of socks that don`t fit right in the space of 2 days?!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

king can!

can you believe i only had one of these giant cans for the first time yesterday?

tastes... diluted. not in a bad way... but if this puppy was full force being triple the size of a reg one, i think i'd be bouncing off the wall!

mmmm RB

the texas donut

i see one of these almost every morning at the office. i think C is trying to kill me, because i have no self control and end up eating half of it (see chocolate covered)... then i have to get it out of my reach, so i don't attempt to eat the other half :S

excuse me?

i was playing a little online scrabble and the computer was choosing some... interesting words.


what the heck? i think my laptop is a homosexual.

Monday, February 7, 2011

update on monday.

crisis averted!

a case of the mondays

my ipod decided to wipe itself clean this morning. what the F!

Sunday, February 6, 2011



buy me.

Jeffrey Campbell 99 Fur tie-ups.

so what if i already have 3 pairs of leopard shoes? 4 is a rounder number... :)

new hobby

sooo.... i've spent a grip on feather earrings (and earrings in general!) lately. i think the short hair brought on the earring parade. a lot of the pairs i've bought have been pretty expensive and sometimes it's hard to get the exact colour you want or the style. something unique and inexpensive is ideal...


why don't i try to make my own?

so here is what i've been up to the last couple weeks, when i have a little time away from the daily grind... it's kind of a labor of love and a work in progress.

sneak peek... stay tuned!

Friday, February 4, 2011

bieber my balls

... or nails to be exact.

i'm always on the hunt for new nail polish and i came across this collection on a nail blog... the "One Less Lonely Girl" collabo between Nicole by OPI and... Justin Bieber. yeah. it's true... Justin Bieber and nail polish. how they relate, i have no idea. i guess it's not a terrible idea, because his 11 yr old fans probably wear it...

anyhoo, i felt good because i didn't like any of the colours and wouldn't have to suffer embarrassment when someone asks "hey, what colour polish are you wearing???"

...until i saw My Lifesaver in the store. it reminds me of one of my fav polishes, China Glaze - For Audrey. only this one is a little peppier. great... it's not that i have anything against the 'Biebs, but i mean... i've already gone thru puberty.

i haven't tried it yet, but it was really nice when i tested it out.


hello february

i know i'm 4 days late... but anyways... february hopefully means this is the beginning of the end of all the brutal cold weather and snow we've been having. i mean, yeah... it's canada and i know i signed up for it, but still. this has been a bad one! i'm especially tired of sacrificing fashion for function in my wardrobe. speaking of february... and fashion... i am determined to wear shorts on my birthday, no matter what the weather!

anyhoo. on the brighter side of things, i went to ottawa the other day on a sales trip and it was -31 without the windchill. all of a sudden, the TO weather seems like a warm summer day (ok, not really, but you get it)

i hope all this crap outside my house melts away asap (it's messing up my shoe game)... even tho... it's kinda pretty?