Friday, February 4, 2011

hello february

i know i'm 4 days late... but anyways... february hopefully means this is the beginning of the end of all the brutal cold weather and snow we've been having. i mean, yeah... it's canada and i know i signed up for it, but still. this has been a bad one! i'm especially tired of sacrificing fashion for function in my wardrobe. speaking of february... and fashion... i am determined to wear shorts on my birthday, no matter what the weather!

anyhoo. on the brighter side of things, i went to ottawa the other day on a sales trip and it was -31 without the windchill. all of a sudden, the TO weather seems like a warm summer day (ok, not really, but you get it)

i hope all this crap outside my house melts away asap (it's messing up my shoe game)... even tho... it's kinda pretty?

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