Monday, April 27, 2009

Road trip ha ha's

some hilights from our recent road trip...

this is the best shot i could get of this guy without falling out of the car. he is clearly a size small but somehow decided that wearing a size 3XL Dickies RED suit was a good idea. we caught this sexiness in a store that was inundated with Ed Hardy and Affliction. he was in the midst of buying those red Gourmet's to go with the hat and outfit. believe it or not, it gets worse too... some guy had the audacity to give him props on his style and ask where he bought the goods. really.

ok. i understand that "fags" is the British term for cigarettes. but your store is in Canada. Ottawa to be exact. Mags and FAGS? fail. your store name is a big gay fail.

it's hard to see from this picture, but this place is called "Brain Hunter". i think it's some kind of recruiting company... maybe on the lines of Monster? regardless, the name freaked me out. we passed by it a couple of times. i just invision a place where scary vampire zombies are inside and waiting for their shift to come find you and, well... suck out your brains?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Girls, what?

i'm not really one for bootleg products. purses (i'm not saying i have enough dough for the real deal, either), cds (i still buy them to support the artist), dvds (On Demand!), so on and so forth. i am half chinese though and i am exposed to them pretty often haha...

i was at Pacific Mall with lissa yesterday and found this Married to the Mob jumpoff...

the proper "My Girls" MTTM tee. this was it's second coming... 4 colours. the first was the simple, yet classic, black & white version

the Pacific Mall "My Girls" tee. you'll notice the words have been umm... made more interesting?

"My girls wear BalenciagRa and smokeO mad maLijuana"

well, let me tell you. if i was into smokeo-ing, it would definitely be malijuana. do you know where i can get some?

Spring Sprint 2009!!!

i did it!!!!! :D

i am proud to say i was a part of the Toronto leg of the Spring Sprint. as you may or may not know, i am not a super athletic person, but this was a cause that means a lot to me and thousands of other Canadians so i had to do it. i raised about $800 for the fundraising portion and i believe the event raised over $200,000 on the whole. for anyone that gave me pledges, thank you from the bottom of my heart

22 cities are participating across Canada over the next couple of months. it is a 5km walk/jog/run and took place in Sunnybrook Park. i joined the team of Jim & Jen Anderson for the event and had the support of some of my best friends, lissa & the offshoot family. 27 degrees and sunny. what more could we ask for? :)

myself and the wonderful Jim Anderson

the Andersons getting interviewed

offshoot! :)

jim, me and melissa "running" haha

all good things come to an end. after a beautiful sunny day, there was a crazy wind storm and this tree came down in my complex. at least it wrecked a fence and not a house!

Road trip 2!

Seven;30 and i went on another fruitful roadtrip last week... lots of paper written and lots of McDonalds eaten (3 times in 2 days!)

we played some interesting car games...i bet you've never thought of new lyrics for Trick Daddy's "Nann" while racing other rentals on the 401!

the hilight had to be when we had 2.5 hours to kill while we were inbetween appointments in Ottawa. we crossed the Quebec border and played some penny slots... i hit 77777 and thought i won a million dollars... when in reality, i only won $4. but thats pretty big when you consider that we were betting a penny!


Seven behind the wheel of our rental... only the best for us... a Nissan Altima! :S

i somehow managed to mess up the rental... right away (5 mins)? i somehow always manage to make everywhere i go messy. my desk, hotel rooms... and now cars. this was only the beginning of the trip. there was food, garbage, receipts, cds and clothes everywhere by the end.

meet Jimmy... the chihuahua puppy at Rockit that decided my sample bag was a great place to roll around. if his owner wasn't keeping such a close eye, i woulda zipped him up in that duffle and brought him home! :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hellooo Officer

i was driving to work this morning and was exiting on the Dufferin exit ramp and noticed a trap and a cop pulling over people...

he walked over in my direction and raised his hand for me to stop. i didn't have anything to worry about, so i wasn't concerned... he peered into my car at me and looked to see if i was wearing my seatbelt. i was almost pulled over because my seatbelt was kinda blending in with my black leather jacket. but he saw that, then waved me off to go

... i should have undone the belt, that cop was fine.

the end!

Spring Sprint!

it's true. i'm going to participate in physical activity... and for a great cause!

i'm doing a 5K run (ahem, walk) in the Spring Sprint in support for those affected by brain tumours. 55,000 Canadians are affected right now and 10,000 more will be diagnosed this year...

lissa and the Offshoot team are gonna join me....

...are you?

and if you can't make it, feel free to help me reach my new fundraising goal of $1000. i'm almost there! you can make a secure online donation with your credit card here:

thanks v much!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainy Monday

... but our office canine came prepared, wearing a plastic bag! way to go Quincy haha
PS happy 420 for all of you!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Girl Hot vs Guy Hot

so... since i work in fashion and like to participate in all things fashion, i see this argument come up all the time. girl hot (stuff us ladies like to wear) vs guy hot (stuff the boys would like to see us wear)

sometimes they are the same but... a lot of the time, they are hot.

girl hot often involves "it's so comfy, i love the way i feel in it!" or "i'm dressing for me!". guy hot often follows a different tune... usually hilighting the holy trinty, boobs, bum and legs.

here are a few "girl hot" examples...

Harem Pants

i don't know one man who doesn't cringe when they see these pants. baggy pants in general irk the male species (outside of the "ohhh i love her when shes just natural in her jogging pants at home"). personally, i'm not a huge fan of them... but they sure do look comfy haha

Empire Waist tops, dresses... anything

right. empire waist (waistline is cinched just under the bust and the material flows out loosely after that). i love it. most women do too... very forgiving around the midsection (we are not all supermodels) AND cute at the same time. a staple in most of our wardrobes. why don't the guys like it? loose around the middle makes them think of maternity clothing.

maternity + pregnancy = enough said.

Boyfriend Jeans

remember what i said about baggy pants? yeah. here we go again. i personally LOVE boyfriend fit jeans and wear them all the time. maybe it didn't help that i used a picture of katie holmes... oh well.

Gladiator Sandals

hmm. tough one... not all guys hate them, but i sure know a lot of them that do! no clue why though... i live for gladiator sandals. but everytime i wear them, i get some "clever" comments. here are some gems:

"saving Sparta again?"

"Jesus called, he wants his sandals back"

i could probably go on for days and come up with a million "girl vs boy" stuff, but i leave it to this for now.

oh wait, i forgot the guy part... here we go!

tight, short and high heels

the end.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ugly face.

... one of the most ugly faces is that i can think of is the face you make when you are trying to surpress a yawn. pursed lips, flared nostrils... you know the one i'm talking about.

second most ugly?

trying to sneeze with your eyes open.



why so many weird looks in the movie theatre? i just wanted to eat a popsicle, geez.

If you wish for it, it will come....

"it" being the Red Bull fridge in my office...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

MIA Day 2

day 2 got up to a slightly slower start since we went out the night before... today was our girly shopping day. Lincoln Rd was our target... i bought some secrets at Vickys... and some sweet nuts. yes, thats what i said. candy coated almonds, get your mind outta the gutter! SwissMaker, the best nuts i've ever had! ;) (oh yeah... and best pretzel too :P)

i was having Red Bull withdrawl and almost wanted to breakdown and buy one, but the girls convinced me not to. strolling down Collins, i spotted Rockstar giving out free drinks... so i thought why not give the poor man's RB a try. bleh, diet. bleh, not Red Bull. moving on...

i have never seen so much silicone in one place in my life. South Beach has to be the biggest plastic surgery hub EVER. even the mannequins sized up...

outside for lunch on Lincoln Rd. i made the grave error of having one drink with my food. i never drink in the daytime because of the fallout. i think i fell in love with our 40+ long haired italian waiter. luckily he made fun of me about ordering "old people's" pasta and left me feeling slighted. ha :S

Shav and i in the club... i think the look on my face is a result of me dying a little inside from the overload of 90's hip hop. i felt like i was in Toronto haha. anyways, good preformances that night from Wale and Melanie Fiona

P and i after our night at the Delano

stay tuned for Day 3 + 4 soon ;)

MIA Day 1

4 days in MIA with the P and Shav...

we stayed at a lovely hotel called the Shore Club

in hotels i normally stay at, i'm used to extras you can buy, such as... water, little alcohol bottles... maybe some pistachios. i was always told not to touch them. but when i looked at what this place had to offer....

panties? dresses? tees? shorts... bikinis... practically a whole wardrobe was at your fingertips! amazing. no pricetags aka don't touch!

you will notice 2 interesting things in this picture at the beach. 1) the bizarre woman sauntering across the sand in the turquoise bikini... she seemed to have a... problem. shavonne named her "Amy", as in "Winehouse". and 2) a woman who managed to be whiter than me at the beach. thanks!!!!!!!!!!

caveat to anyone that travels with me... this is what happens to my luggage almost INSTANTLY. it explodes. i don't know why. maybe i'm a little... messy? but there is a clear distiction between messy and dirty. i am not the latter!

our toes on the first night out (didn't really get many pictures!). not the most glam picture, however, when you have been stuck in Canada Goose jackets for 3 months, getting some sandals on feels fantastic!

I saw an albino squirrel today...


Thursday, April 2, 2009

BB x water = FAIL

my Blackberry went for an unintentional swim in the bathroom today. i am so sad

so very sad.

so... if you possess my work or home digits, there is no better time than the present to utilize them while my baby dries up :*(

*UPDATE* ok, next morning... after an immediate battery removal, blowdry and a good nights rest in a bowl of uncooked rice (it's true! rice has great moisture absorbing qualities), it's alive again!!! i left it at home for the day for some more drying out, but i think my baby is gonna be ok :)


i know, i know. this is not a vacation update. i'll get to it soon!

american apparel. one of my fav places to shop... but im still a little angry that some of the so called "unisex" clothing is being worn by the boys. the deep v is being massacred by chest hair!

anyways. i digress. but... the #1 offender? the Scrimmage shirt.

ugh. way to make football players gay. and i love those guys! :/

Survey Says!!!


We watch Family Feud in the office in the morning...

*host* "Name something that people do that is considered romantic, but cheesy..."


*contestant* "A gondola ride???????"

really. thats your FIRST answer? flowers? long walks on the beach? chocolates? no?

ok. a gondola ride. way to lose it for your family dude. fail.