Sunday, April 5, 2009

MIA Day 1

4 days in MIA with the P and Shav...

we stayed at a lovely hotel called the Shore Club

in hotels i normally stay at, i'm used to extras you can buy, such as... water, little alcohol bottles... maybe some pistachios. i was always told not to touch them. but when i looked at what this place had to offer....

panties? dresses? tees? shorts... bikinis... practically a whole wardrobe was at your fingertips! amazing. no pricetags aka don't touch!

you will notice 2 interesting things in this picture at the beach. 1) the bizarre woman sauntering across the sand in the turquoise bikini... she seemed to have a... problem. shavonne named her "Amy", as in "Winehouse". and 2) a woman who managed to be whiter than me at the beach. thanks!!!!!!!!!!

caveat to anyone that travels with me... this is what happens to my luggage almost INSTANTLY. it explodes. i don't know why. maybe i'm a little... messy? but there is a clear distiction between messy and dirty. i am not the latter!

our toes on the first night out (didn't really get many pictures!). not the most glam picture, however, when you have been stuck in Canada Goose jackets for 3 months, getting some sandals on feels fantastic!

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