Saturday, February 28, 2009


it's gonna be a good one! dancing, friends, hugs and kisses... what more could you ask for? hope to see you there!!!

My birthday week....

all the guys at the office have been making fun of me for having a week long extended birthday celebration (ok, mostly just C)... what girl doesn't do that? hellllooooooo????

i spent my actual birthday at work though, getting verbal fire from customers on the phone. luckily, it was peppered inbetween with lovely phonecalls, e-mails and the occassional gift (annalie i LOOOVED the cupcake! and... Pizzle & A? my Gucci hat? xoxoxo) then i left only to join my good friends at the mall... and eat taco bell.

anyways, see the next post to the grand finale of it all!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thanks, Sephora!

*ringing in my purchases*

cashier: "hey, according to my records, it's your birthday tomorrow... what would you like as your free gift, vanilla cupcake shower gel or lipgloss?"

me: "lipgloss!" (because i got the shower gel last year... and it was not the vanilla cupcake i have come to know and love...)

that is what Sephora got me for my birthday.

what did you get me? ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Birthday, Karaoke style!

as promised, a re-cap of my pre-birthday karaoke extravaganza... in photos! (thanks to melissa, whom of which i did not have to kill that evening :)

it was soooooooooooo fun! it's amazing how a couple of years ago, i hated karaoke so much and now you can't take the mic away from me!!! so, in point form, the good stuff:

-my duran duran cake... thank youuuuuu craig sooo much for this! and thanks to lissa for mentioning that i like lemon desserts ;)
-surprise of the night: joey made it! yay! i was kinda sad that half (literally) of the party's guests bailed :(
-best song of the night? Soulja Boy - Crank That. you just had to be there for it!
-my girls came and serenaded me with "Wind of Change" by the Scorpions... don't ask. haha!
-Safari didn't make it, i hate him and might revoke the salmon on monday (yes, i said it jahmal!!) -my fav moments.... Seven:30 aka a shabby Kanye West on "American Boy", everyone singing "More Than Words" (who doesn't do that song on karaoke night?), marlon's falsetto as Pharrell on "Frontin" and lissa & i taking turns on "Marco Polo" as Bow Wow (her) and Soulja Boy (me)

good times!!!!!!!! more birthday celebrations to come... more stories and more pictures ;)

(it's Wednesday, mark it down in your calendars!)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Karaoke Birthday Bash: t-minus 22 hours!

so my karaoke pre-birthday bash is tomorrow and i'm super excited... we are going to Twister and they boast North America's biggest song selection!!!

expect a picture riddled update this weekend ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

80's don't!

I love American Apparel as much as the next hipster (except i'm not a hipster, but i digress)... but i think they are taking the 80's too far.

high waisted pants? great! acid wash? love it! neon? i can't get enough... but...

SCRUNCHIES? oh hellz no!

i used to wear them, but that does not mean it was a good idea.

AA... just say no!

Garbage Hunter

did you ever worry about hiding your garbage? yes, i said GARBAGE.

our beloved office pet, Quincy the dog, will eat almost anything. orange peels and plain lettuce seem to be his only vice. and even then, he makes exceptions.

if you are eating, he'll beg and beg and beg some more until you break down and share.... he even goes nuts when i put on lipstick, because apparently anything that goes near your face MUST be food?!

so if you aren't sharing, Quincy takes matters into his own hands (or paws) to go on the hunt for goodies. his favorite place? the garbage can. no matter how much we yell at him and scold him for it... he ALWAYS goes back. and he's not neat about it.

today he took it to a new level:

thanks dude. thanks a lot.

3 things...

... that i love.

pizza, hearts and perogies. they got together, had a threesome... and this is their lovechild!

spicy perogy pizza at boston pizza last weekend (valentines day!)... you might think this is a pointless post, however, if you knew how much i loved cheese, you would understand.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! <3

so Valentine's Day has fallen on my saturday sleep/bed/reality tv day... i was worried i wouldn't be able to fit all that in my normal regime because i might have other plans, but... i don't. ha! anyways, i digress

i was lured to Cheval (fyi: a club i would never normally go to) with melissa the other night because they promised an Agent Provocateur fashion show, followed by a vip shopping event upstairs. no way?! so we made our way down there and were romantically accosted in Italian by some dudes on the street... we were on King, i should have expected it. great start...

so the show itself started about an hour and a half late... and we had to stand around with spikey hair + blazer + jeans + vests + pointy shoe guys for the duration. not to mention men in true religion jeans. c'mon! and there were a lot of fake boobies in the house too.

the show finally started and it was decent... i wanted almost everything i saw and was excited that i could go upstairs and buy (another fyi... we don't have a store in Toronto). so when the time came, i went to the top floor and walked amongst the lingerie models and other anxious ladies... only to find out they were ONLY SELLING GIFT CERTIFICATES. my dream of buying the heart sequin pasties that night were shattered and it took us about 1.5 mins to leave the place...

oh well, i found an alternate use for the cash for the $75 pasties... i got my car repaired today. $384.

with that said... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!! <3 haha!

Friday, February 6, 2009

2 Legit...

so i was watching America's Best Dance Crew and my fav crew, Strikers All-Stars, came on to preform for the "Whack Tracks" challenge. their song was "2 Legit, 2 Quit"

now, if you had talked to me when i was 10, i wouldn't have thought it was "whack" at all... in fact, MC Hammer was the first artist i ever saw in concert! i went with my aunt and... my mom! ha! it was at Canada's Wonderland and we had grass seats. TLC and Boyz II Men opened up (whom of which i napped through... sorry dudes, your ballads mean nothing to someone who JUST hit double digits with their age). i was so amused when Hammer came on tho...

what was YOUR first concert?

anyways... watch the Strikers below... i thought they did it justice ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009