Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! <3

so Valentine's Day has fallen on my saturday sleep/bed/reality tv day... i was worried i wouldn't be able to fit all that in my normal regime because i might have other plans, but... i don't. ha! anyways, i digress

i was lured to Cheval (fyi: a club i would never normally go to) with melissa the other night because they promised an Agent Provocateur fashion show, followed by a vip shopping event upstairs. no way?! so we made our way down there and were romantically accosted in Italian by some dudes on the street... we were on King, i should have expected it. great start...

so the show itself started about an hour and a half late... and we had to stand around with spikey hair + blazer + jeans + vests + pointy shoe guys for the duration. not to mention men in true religion jeans. c'mon! and there were a lot of fake boobies in the house too.

the show finally started and it was decent... i wanted almost everything i saw and was excited that i could go upstairs and buy (another fyi... we don't have a store in Toronto). so when the time came, i went to the top floor and walked amongst the lingerie models and other anxious ladies... only to find out they were ONLY SELLING GIFT CERTIFICATES. my dream of buying the heart sequin pasties that night were shattered and it took us about 1.5 mins to leave the place...

oh well, i found an alternate use for the cash for the $75 pasties... i got my car repaired today. $384.

with that said... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!! <3 haha!

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melissa said...

oh valentine. we will have fun tonight. or at least try. <3

annnnnd i don't care how that sounds. :P