Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Birthday, Karaoke style!

as promised, a re-cap of my pre-birthday karaoke extravaganza... in photos! (thanks to melissa, whom of which i did not have to kill that evening :)

it was soooooooooooo fun! it's amazing how a couple of years ago, i hated karaoke so much and now you can't take the mic away from me!!! so, in point form, the good stuff:

-my duran duran cake... thank youuuuuu craig sooo much for this! and thanks to lissa for mentioning that i like lemon desserts ;)
-surprise of the night: joey made it! yay! i was kinda sad that half (literally) of the party's guests bailed :(
-best song of the night? Soulja Boy - Crank That. you just had to be there for it!
-my girls came and serenaded me with "Wind of Change" by the Scorpions... don't ask. haha!
-Safari didn't make it, i hate him and might revoke the salmon on monday (yes, i said it jahmal!!) -my fav moments.... Seven:30 aka a shabby Kanye West on "American Boy", everyone singing "More Than Words" (who doesn't do that song on karaoke night?), marlon's falsetto as Pharrell on "Frontin" and lissa & i taking turns on "Marco Polo" as Bow Wow (her) and Soulja Boy (me)

good times!!!!!!!! more birthday celebrations to come... more stories and more pictures ;)

(it's Wednesday, mark it down in your calendars!)


melissa said... much fun!

i'm so glad i didn't get killed and i'm gonna take credit for much of the night (the cake, crank that, your nails). haha! :D

Anonymous said...

why didnt safari go?? he was talking my ear off about it.. :P