Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guess who's back?

sigh. glad to be home, but sad to be away from miami.

had a great trip with the girls, P & Shav (or as the guy yelled from his car... "Pocahontas", "Thick, In All the Right Places" and "She's White, but Allllll Right"... classy?"

better update when i'm more settled in ;) bye for now!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Neon pink toes can only mean...

....i'm in Miami b!$%#!! (ok, well i will be tomorrow at 12:25pm)

lord knows it's still a little too chilly in TO to be rocking the bare toes...

Canada, i'll miss you (not)


Sunday, March 22, 2009

2 random BB pics

i've had my new Berry for almost 2 months now and i have to admit, it is a pretty fun toy. i don't think i'm as addicted to it as some people are, but it has temporarily taken the place of my digi cam. the pictures usually aren't as good, but the ease of use is def a plus (e-mails pics right away, yadda yadda, blah blah)

so here are two random ones from the most recent events in my life...

ok i have unsteady hands, sorry for the blur... but if you look closely, you'll see Red Bull has changed the tab on their can. it now has a little die cut bull! being the Red Bull drinker i am, i could not go without mentioning it... i haven't seen anyone else do this, nor has anyone else's drink made me so happy... haha... hi P!

my new fav nailpolish colour... Peppermint Patti by MAC. normally i don't care for their polishes very much, but this one was great, both in colour and formulation. and, big shout outs to ME for the manicure. i'm balling on a budget these days and i decided to try to get better at doing my own nails... aaaaand it's coming along nicely ;)

3 days till Miami!

As Soon As I Get... what?

this is not the Babyface i'm used to!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

7 days!

one week till i get to have some fun in the sun in Miami!!!!!!!!

i've never been before (well... does one rainy day when you are 12 count? i didn't think so...) and i'm so excited! i need a tan so badly... i'm not a fan of the fake n bake, so i'm gonna get some vitamin D the old fashioned way :) i've stocked up on new bikinis and cute dresses, so look out Miami, i'm coming to dance on your tables! haha!


lissa and i were leaving the mall one day and i noticed some junk mail underneath the windshield wiper on my car. i picked it up and it was a card advertising for a driving school.

let me get this straight.

if i found it under the windshield wiper of MY car, shouldn't i ALREADY KNOW HOW TO DRIVE?

i know there are some idiots on the road, but this seems pointless.

good luck to Leaders Driving School, here is some free advertising... i hope your graduates aren't the dumbasses you are :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thank you!! xoxoxo

i'm lagging again... but what better time to come back than with a birthday party post?!?

thats right... mansa and i partied hard at Harlem for our joint birthday jam, held by Offshoot! Agile held it down on the music front and i held it down on the barfing front. yes, it's true. i barfed (4 times, no less) under the table somewhere in the middle of the night... haha! happy birthday to ME!

there were lots of drunk "i love you's" that night (mansa loves me, melissa loves sarah, i love everyone... ha!), lots of good friends, good music, good leggings (thanks hellz bellz!) and overall good vibes...

(side note: i apologize to all the people that got their bum's slapped :X)

thank you to everyone that came and... go look at what you really came for... pictures! :D