Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thank you!! xoxoxo

i'm lagging again... but what better time to come back than with a birthday party post?!?

thats right... mansa and i partied hard at Harlem for our joint birthday jam, held by Offshoot! Agile held it down on the music front and i held it down on the barfing front. yes, it's true. i barfed (4 times, no less) under the table somewhere in the middle of the night... haha! happy birthday to ME!

there were lots of drunk "i love you's" that night (mansa loves me, melissa loves sarah, i love everyone... ha!), lots of good friends, good music, good leggings (thanks hellz bellz!) and overall good vibes...

(side note: i apologize to all the people that got their bum's slapped :X)

thank you to everyone that came and... go look at what you really came for... pictures! :D

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