Wednesday, November 26, 2008


... apparently the Westcoast is gonna be seeing me a couple times now, because i'm off to Vancouver tomorrow for sales meetings!

(look out Timebomb, here we come!)

i'll be back on sundayyyyyyyy..... see ya!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sample Saaaaaaleeee!!!

i dunno about you... but i love clothes. even better? clothes on sale! it's the holidays again and i wanna spoil myself AND the people around me... so why not ditch the mall and come out to the Offshoot sample sale. streetwear for up to 70% off? $10 section? Mixtape Massacre? do you REALLY NEED anymore reasons?
oh yeah... i'll be there too... another good reason.
cash is king, so leave your credit at home boys & girls!!!

Killa Cali

look out Cali, here i come!

(um, on Dec 30th that is)

Monday, November 24, 2008


i've always been a big eBay user, but i never really got on the Craigslist thing. something about meeting up with strangers annoyed me... and was creepy.

anyways, i was trying to look for some Duran Duran tickets for Dec 9th at the ACC (i'm putting this out there if anyone can snag floor seats for me!) and eBay was providing nothing good, so i decided to venture out onto Craigslist. long story short... Safari and i started to get off track looking at (read between the lines: making fun of) the personal ads. i've decided to share some gems with you... my bad if these are any of yours. but hey, public domain... ;)

Missed Connections posts:

"you installed my digital box last week. i really wanted you to work on my box instead... " w4m

"At Club Monaco, you were the cute asian guy wearing an argyle sweater and dress shirt. You helped me with some jeans and I asked if you wanted to come into my dressing room with me. You said you couldn't but I could tell you were interested. I hope I wasn't being too forward and also that you find this. I'd like to hang out sometime..." m4m

"You were the very very cute emo boy at Starbucks sherwood forest Friday afternoon. You had black hair that you kept flipping over your face. i want to meet you!!" w4m

"Dear John (or Johnny, as we decided I should refer to you as), we talked about your job a little bit (lawyer) and my current striking situation as a Grad student at York. You just turned 29, although I placed you at 28. You couldn't believe I was any older than 22. The police came and broke up the party before I could find you again and get your number. In the off chance that you read these things as religiously as I do, write me back. -L" w4m

"Waldo seeking female Waldo. I was with my friends dressed in a red striped sweater. you walked by and my friends spotted you but I did not. They mentioned how you were dressed exactly like me in a red striped sweater and round glasses. I wish I had found you" m4w

then we came across a *graphic picture and **offer that we both didn't wanna see... so... that was enough Craigslist for the day!!!!!!



808's and Heartbreaks

i don't review stuff often & i'm not much of a critic... but i know what i like & what i don't... & i got a peek at this album a little early (thx gav ;) and i must admit... i love it! overall, i liked the electronic sound (reminded me a lot of some of my fav 80's stuff... can't knock the synth) and i didn't mind the excess kanye singing... the album's mood was a little dark, but i'm not mad at it

stand out songs for me (other than the singles):

-Welcome to Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi
-Paranoid feat Mr. Hudson*
-See You In My Knightmares ft. Lil Wayne (did he really just say "you think your shit don't stink but you are Ms. P-U" on the track?! ha!)
-Coldest Winter*

*my faves... Paranoid has got to be a single!

i'll still buy the CD tho... i like cover art... you should too ;)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


am i the only one that is in love with the blonde guy from the TMZ show???

call me!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

T-Pain pictures

T-Pain isn't actually in the pictures... but this is my 2 great friends dennis, katherine & i at the concert inside Circa... we felt insanely old there (everyone was 19, at best)

the concert was like... 3 weeks ago. i know. this is kinda overdue. but better late than never! i never realized that T-Pain was so entertaining and could actually sing (it's true!). too bad 90% of the damn show was a lipsync...
at least i got to wear my fav tights?


Friday, November 21, 2008

Need Vs Want

'tis the season for me to stop being greedy... and to TRY think of others. so i'm trying not to spend all my money selfishly like i normally world. i need to grow up and... save. *sobs*

so i'm putting a little list together of... Need Vs. Want to allocate my minimal funds (normally it would all fall under "need")...


christmas gifts (mom + dad + select friends)
new winter boots
black leather jacket
plane ticket to LA
silk scarves (Hermes would be pushing it, wouldn't it...)
American Apparel Circle scarf (shuttup, it is a NEED)
Johnny Depp


SingStar games
PSP2 (i need this to play SingStar...)
over the knee black suede fringe boots
Swarovski Princess ring
the new Oprah book (it seems inspirational, what??)
Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer (soft matte suntan pls)

NEEDS/WANTS that became HAVES recently

sequin berets (black & silver!) - super cute
over the knee grey suede boots - thanks eBay
American Apparel batwing hoodie... trying to buy that right now online... (maybe i should get the Circle Scarf too ;)

these lists could go on and on... but these are some particular items that have been on my mind lately...

so feel free to help me out here, ok? :)


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Magical Elf?

melissa and i went to my rec center to play squash tonight. we used to do it regularly (kinda?) and got lazy and stopped. in fact, i stopped exercising all together... god, i need to get back on that bandwagon (even tho it's boring and it sucks...)

anyways, when we were gathering the squash equipment, Dave (the rec center guy), asked me if i knew Linda that used to work there... and i said no. so here comes the story:

Dave said he was supposed to give a cheque to Linda, but all he had was one for Erin... and no one that worked there was named that...

Dave: who is Erin?

Linda: i'm Erin.

Dave: um, no you are Linda.

Linda: no... my name is Erin...

*manager shaking their head behind Dave to stop*

Dave: uh, no really, you are Linda... this cheque is for Erin...

Manager: No, that's Erin... she's always been Erin...

*Dave looks down at cheque and sees that the cheque is made out to Erin Magical Elf*

Later, he gets an explanation that Linda Kay Roberts is now Erin Magical Elf... and she sees fairies and elves outside her condo.

stories like this make me feel a lot better about myself on a bad day! haha!

(but also a little creeped out that they lived in my complex!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Never Say Never....

so everywhere i go, i hear "hey! so and so is having a baby!" or "when are you getting married/having a baby/getting knocked up?" and i always just roll my eyes... then you go to a family dinner and sit at the kids table to avoid the previous conversations...

but then you see something like this...

... my friend magda (HI MAGDA!!!) and her little girl joey. sooo cute.

maybe.... just maaaaaaaybe i secretly want one too....


i didn't say it.

magda: name your new bun in the oven after me... if you can name your baby girl joey, then you can name your baby boy yvette. or killa. take your pick ;)

Holding hands....

ok, it's kinda cheesy... but just watch a few seconds of it and see if you can go on without saying "awwww!!!"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Blast From the Past...

i'm not much of a new age gamer... but i loooove the old ones. today i decided to hook up my old system and give it a go...

my fav games?

-anything Mario (in particular, Mario Bros 2 + 3 and Super Mario World)
-Street Fighter (with the new players and YES i knew how to do all the moves, not just press all the buttons... sorry to call some of the ladies out!)
-Bubble Bobble

the first game i played today was Tetris... i was a little rusty at first (i didn't have long, manicured nails as a kid, go figure), but as you'll notice by the screenshot... i got right back into the groove. i'm very particular about the way i play this game... if i can't win by getting ALL Tetris' (thats 4 lines in a row, for those that are not familiar)... i wanna start over.

don't sweat the perfect technique!! (don't mind all the pantyhose and Fafi stuff lying around the tv... cleaning my room wasn't high on my list of priorities today)

Bubble Bobble... not to toot my own horn, but i kick ass at this game. i never get bored of it and i know everything about it! i think it's the first video game i ever played (thx to my cousin Mark) and playing it again brought back so many memories...


i usually always play it alone (only child) but if i ever play with someone, i insist on being player 2 (the blue + pink dragon!).

on level 9, make sure to blow lots of bubbles before you kill all the bad guys... because once you pop the last one, all the leftover bubbles turn into carrots (true!)

level 28 is my fav level

i think i like this game so much because the players are cute and cuddly baby dragons who spit bubbles... and when you kill the enemies, they turn into fruits, cakes and candies ;)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Money, Money!!!

i saw this thing like.... 8 years ago. i started to cry in front of my computer from laughing so hard. then i saw it again on sunday. same effect. see if the same happens to you ;)

(thx to lukianp2 to has the original!)


saturday night was one of those nights i really look forward to... a night in with the girls. being lazy, wearing bummy clothes (i still look cute tho, don't get it twisted) and eating lots of junkfood.

and lets not forget all the trashy girltalk!!!

we went to my girlfriend jackie's house... it was just 3 of us (my bff jen came over too) and we tried to include melissa via MSN, shes working in Dubai now (hi melissa!!!). then around midnight we called michelle to wish her a happy birthday and begged her to come by to feast on the junkfood... and a homemade bday cake :)

... but we had an alterior motive ;)

jackie's Rockband disc wouldn't work... so we forced the birthday girl to bring hers. AND her SingStar game. i love that game ( so much. even though i mildly suck at singing (UNDERSTATEMENT) i have lots of fun... you can even battle eachother! i was sort of the champion of the night (i disqualified michelle for being the owner of the game and knowing every damn song)

i also don't have the girliest voice... so i have a lot of trouble with the girl songs (couldn't sing Destiny's Child, Rihanna or Alicia Keys) but i kicked ass in boy songs (Hoobastank, The Killers, All American Rejects)

so i've decided... i want my very own SingStar... i'm not telling you when my birthday is because i want it NOW!!! (in addition to the 80's, 90's, Pop 2 and Amped discs... thanks.)

michelle and her homemade birthday cake! (vanilla, the best kind! with the *secret ingredient* too ;)

yeah, that'd be me during "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". believe it or not, my singing was worse than that dancing!

please buy me SingStar... please? :)

PS: um. can you get me the Playstation 2 i need for it too?! thanks...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

whats on YOUR playlist?

i'm having a lazy saturday (as you can tell by my previous post...) and i decided to do a good deed.

my mom works out almost everyday and broke her previous mp3 player last year... so for Christmas i bought her a iPod shuffle. and it's been collecting dust ever since (i'm so bad with electronics, i swear i would have blown the thing up trying to install)... UNTIL TODAY! i started to feel guilty when i noticed her little wishlist of songs was getting longer and longer...

i got my ass in gear and hooked the thing up and i am currently snagging the songs. i could only find about 6 on my current iTunes (Mariah Carey & Spice Girls for the record). i just have to share the rest:

(the gems)

I Wanna Know What Love Is - Foreigner
Take My Breath Away - Berlin (damn, Top Gun was high on my mom's list?!)
Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
Home - Michael Buble (mom's just love this guy... and Josh Groban... wtf)
Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Middler (no comment)
How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees
To Love Somebody - Bee Gees
(ok just about every Bee Gees song........)
We Are the Champions - Queen
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (this was the only cool song on the list... and my mom crossed it out! of all Queen songs to cross out!?)

the last one was tough....

Sometimes When We Touch (ok... she didn't specify... did she want the Barry Manilow, Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton... or Air Supply version? AREN'T THEY ALL "MOM" WORTHY?)

ok thats it. you should all be able to relate to this. and any men that read any of my saturday entries probably feel like they've just lost their soul.

PS i went with Barry.

To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

does anyone remember this movie?! well, my saturday morning (and early afternoon... what? it's the weekend!) consisted of me watching it in bed. i believe i watched it in the theatre when it first came out in '95. YES, i paid money to see this thing. and no, i was not alone...! i'm known for having NOT seen some of the most popular movies (just name it, i probably haven't seen it) yet i watch crap like this. the only weirder thing would be my Jean Claude Van Damme collection.... i think i own almost ALL his movies. and yes, i'm talking ALL of them... not just Bloodsport and Kickboxer. anyways, i digress...

even tho i found the movie amusing... i wanna know what possessed Patrick Swazye (Vida Boheme), Wesley Snipes (Noxeema Jackson) and John Leguizamo (Chi Chi Rodrigues) to do this flick?!? god! i mean, aren't they legit actors... couldn't they get a better movie? (well, maybe not John Leguizamo... sorry dude. i liked you in "House of Buggin' tho!)

i have to admit, i really like drag queens. maybe i'm secretly jealous that they can do their make up so well (sometimes) and they are so extra and exciting. haha! this might explain the fun times that we've had at El Convento Rico, downtown. (google it if you are comfortable with your manhood ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

the perfect date?

ok, so it wasn't a date... but if it WAS a date (meaning that either melissa or i would have to be a guy?!) it would have been perfect...

we went to Pizza Hut (classy, I KNOW) and ordered some family meal deal. we both love the caesar salad there...

please notice the salads that we took for ourselves out of the big bowl. i ONLY like the leafy part of the lettuce and she ONLY likes the spines. how well does that work out? (i think we'd both have to fight over those croutons tho... mmmmm)
we like the same pizza toppings (pepperoni + mushroom) and both wanted cheese on our garlic bread... we ate our fair share and the leftovers were neatly arranged for us to take home... see? how well did that turn out!?
(omg... i need a real date, this entry just showed how lame i am hahahahaha)

not as lame as the lady that wandered in and hung out in her pj's tho. and even lamer... the horrible spanish music they were playing. even the Richard Marx was better than than that!!!
bad hair day, i look like Axl Rose or something?!

Nike NSW Studio 76 party

so... i've been somewhat of a hermit lately and haven't been going out much and therefore, not blogging. but it has been brought to my attention that a couple of people actually read this thing and want an update...
i went to the Nike NSW Studio 76 party yesterday, in downtown TO, with melissa in tow (i coaxed her into the work night event with promise of good finger foods). Nike, you know i love you, but i love snacks even more. so thanks for combining the two! there were some installations showing the new Winter Sportswear collection and the Dunk Destroyer pack... i liked the patent... i'm still unsure about the gradient (tho i liked a lot of ombre pieces in clothing this summer).
snack menu (you would think that the free alcohol would be more important... but no.)
-baked/fried (?) havarti triangles... soo good
-chilli cheese fries... ew, tasted/smelled like armpits
-bacon/chicken bites, see below for more details
-shrimp... i don't like eating stuff that swims, dammit
-sushi... really mushy, ick.
-grilled cheese... kicked ass
on to what you came for... pictures!

Dunks... i like the red & black... shoulda took more product photos, but i bet a waiter was passing by me with you guessed it... snacks.

it was kind of a sword fight in there... but good times nevertheless
Stanley gets on the other side of the lense for once! :)

Livestock friends :)

Safari questions... why be normal?

we hogged all the Godiva hot chocolate!

J.R Ewing... never a dull moment (or pants!)

Excuse I 730... holding the yummiest snack in the house. Bacon wrapped chicken with sour cream, guacamole & cheese *drool*

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pacific Mall!

i'm sure everyone from around the GTA is familiar with Pacific Mall, located in Markham at the accident prone intersection of Kennedy/Steeles. it's a place where you can get by without speaking a word of English... which does not come in handy when you don't speak Chinese (i.e me). i ventured out there with my cousin the other day, as i was in the mood to do some bargaining and pay with cash (no tax! ;)

anyways... some pictures of the day's finds...

i walked in hungry and wanted to nibble on something as i walked around... so i headed over to one of the snack shops. i have to admit, i have a weakness for asian snacks (except for those pickled/preserved fruits... ew) haha... i settled on these. they are Japanese corn snacks (think crunchy Cheetos, only no cheese. replace with various asian inspired flavours... squid, wasabi, bbq'd corn... yeah i dunno)

an advertisment outside a lingerie shop... it's like she's saying, "WOW! Cleavage!!!". i secretly say the same thing when i find a good bra. hahaha

these are weird... there was a store that had a whole window display of them. they are little stuffed dogs that are sleeping in baskets... but you can see their little bodies rise and fall, as if they are breathing :S um... why don't you just GET A REAL DOG?

damn... Cash Money just made it everywhere, didn't they? ha.

so the snacks held me over until i really had to get down to business. walking around the food court is always a little daunting for me because i'm still a little squeamish with some of the more... lets call them... ethnic varities (i am not a hit at the family parties). gimme a break, i still ask for a fork when i go to Chinese restaurants :(
-Pork Tripe w/ Sweet N Sour Preserved Vegetable
-Squeezed Cold Pork Ear (ok, i don't even know where to start with that one)
-Deep Fried Fish Skin
-Intestine w/ Chiu Chow Soy Sauce (ok, i like soy sauce... hahaha)
-Curry Duck Gizzard
(ok, just click the picture above for more detail, bleeruurghhh)

"You're Fuckin' Lazy, I'm Fuckin' Busy..."
well said?!?!
a condom wholesaler in the mall... great... now you know where to buy 'em in bulk... for... nevermind.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


a weight has been lifted off my shoulders because i decided to make a change...

i realized that i was trying to hold on to something that i WANTED to happen... and then came to my senses and realized what WAS happening

i feel better now :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


i went to all you can eat Japanese food with my mom for lunch today... even tho there were a lot of tempura options, it was evident that i was in the mood for eggplant, tofu and BROCCORI *holds in laugh*

Killa <3's Hellz Bellz....

ok so... it's already a known fact that i love Hellz Bellz ( but now i love them even more...!

i just want to live in my new D.Ross jeans (indigo!) because they are so cute and comfy... even tho i usually wear super tight skinny jeans, i have always had a soft spot for that slouchy "boyfriend" cut. these will go to the top of my boyfriend pile because of the double waistband and adorable rainbow zippers :)



Electrick Bellz tees (to add to my pile of 9287109280289283 Hellz Bellz tees...)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


so the day before Halloween, i finally got a costume. usually i'd be ahead of the curve, but unfortunately, i was that girl waiting in a lineup at Party Packagers for 45 mins (with melissa... thank youuu!) to buy one of the leftover costumes. i bought a Little Bo Peep costume that fit wrong (the arms were WAYYY too tight, i had to cut 'em open!) and decided to forgo the whole Bo Peep part. i decided to go as a doll, so i just did the whole hair & make up thing accordingly. luckily no one else had the same costume (can't say the same about The Joker, cops, nurses and army fatigues!)

i'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but i can safely say that girl's nights out are the best! expect more posts/pics when i steal them from the rest of the party goers ;)

P... this pic is for you. Red Bull should start paying me for all this endorsement!!! ;)

oops! ;)

kat... the winner of party girl of the night!

me & Tom Cruise, circa Top Gun! ;)

melissa, the cutest Minnie Mouse!