Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Blast From the Past...

i'm not much of a new age gamer... but i loooove the old ones. today i decided to hook up my old system and give it a go...

my fav games?

-anything Mario (in particular, Mario Bros 2 + 3 and Super Mario World)
-Street Fighter (with the new players and YES i knew how to do all the moves, not just press all the buttons... sorry to call some of the ladies out!)
-Bubble Bobble

the first game i played today was Tetris... i was a little rusty at first (i didn't have long, manicured nails as a kid, go figure), but as you'll notice by the screenshot... i got right back into the groove. i'm very particular about the way i play this game... if i can't win by getting ALL Tetris' (thats 4 lines in a row, for those that are not familiar)... i wanna start over.

don't sweat the perfect technique!! (don't mind all the pantyhose and Fafi stuff lying around the tv... cleaning my room wasn't high on my list of priorities today)

Bubble Bobble... not to toot my own horn, but i kick ass at this game. i never get bored of it and i know everything about it! i think it's the first video game i ever played (thx to my cousin Mark) and playing it again brought back so many memories...


i usually always play it alone (only child) but if i ever play with someone, i insist on being player 2 (the blue + pink dragon!).

on level 9, make sure to blow lots of bubbles before you kill all the bad guys... because once you pop the last one, all the leftover bubbles turn into carrots (true!)

level 28 is my fav level

i think i like this game so much because the players are cute and cuddly baby dragons who spit bubbles... and when you kill the enemies, they turn into fruits, cakes and candies ;)

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BEN BALLER said...

we gotta hang out soon, lol. WE HAVE TO! ;)