Saturday, November 1, 2008


so the day before Halloween, i finally got a costume. usually i'd be ahead of the curve, but unfortunately, i was that girl waiting in a lineup at Party Packagers for 45 mins (with melissa... thank youuu!) to buy one of the leftover costumes. i bought a Little Bo Peep costume that fit wrong (the arms were WAYYY too tight, i had to cut 'em open!) and decided to forgo the whole Bo Peep part. i decided to go as a doll, so i just did the whole hair & make up thing accordingly. luckily no one else had the same costume (can't say the same about The Joker, cops, nurses and army fatigues!)

i'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but i can safely say that girl's nights out are the best! expect more posts/pics when i steal them from the rest of the party goers ;)

P... this pic is for you. Red Bull should start paying me for all this endorsement!!! ;)

oops! ;)

kat... the winner of party girl of the night!

me & Tom Cruise, circa Top Gun! ;)

melissa, the cutest Minnie Mouse!

1 comment:

melissa said...

i still say stupid halloween!

i had fun, but i'm glad it's over!