Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Pt 2

so i ventured out with my good friend Jay to try and figure out this whole Halloween costume thing... normally, by this time, i already have my costume and everything set up. i'm waaaaaaaay late this year and i'm SO annoyed with myself (i'll take any suggestions you may have)!

as expected, all the usual costume spots were packed, as it is the last weekend before Halloween... and i just couldn't bring myself to settle on just any disguise, so unfortunately, i am still without. but there are always a couple of funny things along the way that i thought i'd share...

we laughed at this one for a while. it was amongst the various "rasta" accessories. please note: "Rasta Imposta's: Jamaican Cigar, Party Like A Rasta Mon!"


a plethora of "gangsta" stuff... dollar sign medallions, 4 finger rings, grills and fake cash to "make it rain"... it's just an endless variety of accessories for your very own do-it-yourself BET moment!


4 more days till Halloween... wish me luck!


melissa said...

stupid halloween!!!!!!!

you should just be a rasta gangsta. obviously it would be easy to find your costume.

killa said...

i knew i was your friend for a reason. haha!