Saturday, October 11, 2008


anyone that knows me well knows that Halloween is my favorite time of the year (next to my birthday, of course)... i absolutely love it! for one day, i can dress the way i really want to dress, with no judgement!! *ahem*

anyways, im still at a loss for a costume... but after some research... i know what i am NOT gonna be...
sexy nurse, sexy cop, sexy cowgirl, sexy maid.... the list goes on and these are all played out. i know i'm still gonna see a ton of them wherever i go out, but it is not gonna be me!! ladies, being sexy is ok, but leave the cliched costumes at home!

angels/devils. again. played out. i found this picture of someone selling angel wings on eBay tho... girl, did you HAVE to take the picture of you in a thong?! what are we really selling here??

don't sexi-fy Christmas. DON'T. that is another holiday all together... leave it till dec 25th, ok?
and do not think i forgot about the boys... i know halloween isn't as big a deal to most of you, but there are a bunch of costumes that should be left in the dark aswell... here are a couple that i've come across on my hunt:
hahahahahaha... i think it was the picture that got me on this one. anyways, the whole rasta costume thing... you just KNOW this guy is gonna go around all night saying " 'eyyyy mon!!!" and making "ganja" references. he's gonna be annoying. don't invite him to your party. or mine.
and now for my most HATED Halloween costume EVER... *rolls out the red carpet*
yep. this guy. we all know him. the lame guy that comes as a pimp... i mean, i wouldn't hate someone who took the time to create a really cool pimp costume... like, the real deal or whatever. but this guy? no, no. he buys the neon green velvet pimp suit with the zebra detailing and matching hat. the same suit that they sell at Party Packagers every year for $29.99. i suppose it's been around so long because enough douchebags exist to buy it AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN... so... lame neon pimp guy... see you on the 31st.


THEREMIX™ said...

so u didnt tell us what ure gonna be?

killa said...

i don't know yet :( but i am open to suggestions!

Anonymous said...

haaaaaa! get them high socks from aa and be a ref