Monday, October 20, 2008

today's good deed...

yes, it's true. in case you didn't notice from the picture, my hair got the chop. even tho i shed a slight tear, i thought that it could be put to better use. on the bright side... my head feels a lot lighter and i won't take as long to get ready anymore ;)

if you want to make a child smile (and get some good karma to boot!) here is the info:

A Child's Voice Foundation
Angel Hair for Kids
3034 Palstan Road, Ste. 301
Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 2Z6
(Minimum requirement: length – 10 inches/25cm)

i got mine cut at Salon Donato at Square One and they can do the donation for you. if you do it somewhere else, you can mail the hair to the address above. they'll use it to make wigs for children who are going through treatments for cancer.

and as a special treat for myself, i've been going eBay crazy again lately... my latest snag has been these "Love You" earrings from my fav, Betsey Johnson... look out boys ;) haha!


Magda said...

your hair!! ;( but like you said it is a good deed (a GREAT deed) and you always look hot! when we first met your hair was short so its how i remember you! lol

melissa said...

yay! the bob!! now you just gotta go blonde. :P

Safari said...

Imma send my dreadlocks to rastify some mississaugans.. good lookin!

Anonymous said...

love the hair!! looks great on u!

it doesnt matter who said...

f'ing safari.
looks SOOOOOOO good killz


BEN BALLER said...

damn girl! I LOVED YOUR LONG HAIR, I WON'T LIE.... BUT THE CAUSE WAS OFFICIAL! hope you're good too, miss your guts (as Canadians say lol)