Tuesday, October 7, 2008

public transit...

a lot of us take public transit sometimes... and i would like to pay tribute to those who do (myself included!)

a few recent events have caused me to compile a list of what NOT to do on the subway/bus:

-fall asleep on people (my bad)
-drool on people (umm...)
-eat corn on the cob (they had to peel the stalk off too :X)
-eat anything that requires utensils
-test all the different ringtones on your cellular device (in fact, this shouldn't be done ANYWHERE in public, it's annoying)
-take your shoes off
-put your feet up on the seats
-listen to music loud enough so i can hear it
-not use deoderant and decide to hold onto the highest railing (barf)
-talk to yourself
-talk to me (sorry, i probably just wanna sleep)
-sit next to me when it's clearly not crowded
-not sharing the newspaper when you are done with it (c'mon, don't hold on to that thing in your lap! i'm bored... share!!!)

i could probably go on and on... but these are just a few of the main ones that have irked me the past few days...

... see ya on the bus! ;)

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