Saturday, October 25, 2008


so i'd update with something interesting if i had something interesting to talk about... i had the laziest of lazy days today (stayed in bed till 4 watching tv with 2 different kinds of Doritos!) and then went to dinner with my parents (shout outs to Swiss Chalet!! haha!). melissa and i texted all day about random stuff and i watched my pvr'd episode of America's Next Top Model

i know what you are thinking... how does she do it all?

anyways, you know when you have that much time to yourself, you end up daydreaming or thinking a lot...

maybe i'm not the only one, but i noticed that i seem to justify myself about what i'm not lately... for instance,

"i don't do that, i'm NOT that way..." "oh, i'm NOT like them...." "i'm NOT the way she is..."

it can be applied to a variety of situations... work, life & other... i don't think it's the healthiest way of thinking and i should be concentrating more on what i am, rather on what i am not. maybe it's just a small way on becoming more positive in everyday life...

ramble, ramble, ramble!

and i am still trying to get used to this haircut! :P

1 comment:

melissa said...

well, i know you're not a floozy, YOU FLOOZY!

ahhhh....texted all day was not an understatement. at least we're taking advantage of our plans!