Monday, November 24, 2008


i've always been a big eBay user, but i never really got on the Craigslist thing. something about meeting up with strangers annoyed me... and was creepy.

anyways, i was trying to look for some Duran Duran tickets for Dec 9th at the ACC (i'm putting this out there if anyone can snag floor seats for me!) and eBay was providing nothing good, so i decided to venture out onto Craigslist. long story short... Safari and i started to get off track looking at (read between the lines: making fun of) the personal ads. i've decided to share some gems with you... my bad if these are any of yours. but hey, public domain... ;)

Missed Connections posts:

"you installed my digital box last week. i really wanted you to work on my box instead... " w4m

"At Club Monaco, you were the cute asian guy wearing an argyle sweater and dress shirt. You helped me with some jeans and I asked if you wanted to come into my dressing room with me. You said you couldn't but I could tell you were interested. I hope I wasn't being too forward and also that you find this. I'd like to hang out sometime..." m4m

"You were the very very cute emo boy at Starbucks sherwood forest Friday afternoon. You had black hair that you kept flipping over your face. i want to meet you!!" w4m

"Dear John (or Johnny, as we decided I should refer to you as), we talked about your job a little bit (lawyer) and my current striking situation as a Grad student at York. You just turned 29, although I placed you at 28. You couldn't believe I was any older than 22. The police came and broke up the party before I could find you again and get your number. In the off chance that you read these things as religiously as I do, write me back. -L" w4m

"Waldo seeking female Waldo. I was with my friends dressed in a red striped sweater. you walked by and my friends spotted you but I did not. They mentioned how you were dressed exactly like me in a red striped sweater and round glasses. I wish I had found you" m4w

then we came across a *graphic picture and **offer that we both didn't wanna see... so... that was enough Craigslist for the day!!!!!!



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