Monday, November 24, 2008

808's and Heartbreaks

i don't review stuff often & i'm not much of a critic... but i know what i like & what i don't... & i got a peek at this album a little early (thx gav ;) and i must admit... i love it! overall, i liked the electronic sound (reminded me a lot of some of my fav 80's stuff... can't knock the synth) and i didn't mind the excess kanye singing... the album's mood was a little dark, but i'm not mad at it

stand out songs for me (other than the singles):

-Welcome to Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi
-Paranoid feat Mr. Hudson*
-See You In My Knightmares ft. Lil Wayne (did he really just say "you think your shit don't stink but you are Ms. P-U" on the track?! ha!)
-Coldest Winter*

*my faves... Paranoid has got to be a single!

i'll still buy the CD tho... i like cover art... you should too ;)

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