Friday, November 14, 2008

Nike NSW Studio 76 party

so... i've been somewhat of a hermit lately and haven't been going out much and therefore, not blogging. but it has been brought to my attention that a couple of people actually read this thing and want an update...
i went to the Nike NSW Studio 76 party yesterday, in downtown TO, with melissa in tow (i coaxed her into the work night event with promise of good finger foods). Nike, you know i love you, but i love snacks even more. so thanks for combining the two! there were some installations showing the new Winter Sportswear collection and the Dunk Destroyer pack... i liked the patent... i'm still unsure about the gradient (tho i liked a lot of ombre pieces in clothing this summer).
snack menu (you would think that the free alcohol would be more important... but no.)
-baked/fried (?) havarti triangles... soo good
-chilli cheese fries... ew, tasted/smelled like armpits
-bacon/chicken bites, see below for more details
-shrimp... i don't like eating stuff that swims, dammit
-sushi... really mushy, ick.
-grilled cheese... kicked ass
on to what you came for... pictures!

Dunks... i like the red & black... shoulda took more product photos, but i bet a waiter was passing by me with you guessed it... snacks.

it was kind of a sword fight in there... but good times nevertheless
Stanley gets on the other side of the lense for once! :)

Livestock friends :)

Safari questions... why be normal?

we hogged all the Godiva hot chocolate!

J.R Ewing... never a dull moment (or pants!)

Excuse I 730... holding the yummiest snack in the house. Bacon wrapped chicken with sour cream, guacamole & cheese *drool*


melissa said...

if you are the key to my social life, i am the transportation to yours. :S haha....

mmmmm...fried cheese!!

killa said...

..... good point!


it works out quite well... much like our pizza hut date!