Saturday, November 15, 2008

To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

does anyone remember this movie?! well, my saturday morning (and early afternoon... what? it's the weekend!) consisted of me watching it in bed. i believe i watched it in the theatre when it first came out in '95. YES, i paid money to see this thing. and no, i was not alone...! i'm known for having NOT seen some of the most popular movies (just name it, i probably haven't seen it) yet i watch crap like this. the only weirder thing would be my Jean Claude Van Damme collection.... i think i own almost ALL his movies. and yes, i'm talking ALL of them... not just Bloodsport and Kickboxer. anyways, i digress...

even tho i found the movie amusing... i wanna know what possessed Patrick Swazye (Vida Boheme), Wesley Snipes (Noxeema Jackson) and John Leguizamo (Chi Chi Rodrigues) to do this flick?!? god! i mean, aren't they legit actors... couldn't they get a better movie? (well, maybe not John Leguizamo... sorry dude. i liked you in "House of Buggin' tho!)

i have to admit, i really like drag queens. maybe i'm secretly jealous that they can do their make up so well (sometimes) and they are so extra and exciting. haha! this might explain the fun times that we've had at El Convento Rico, downtown. (google it if you are comfortable with your manhood ;)

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