Sunday, April 19, 2009

Girl Hot vs Guy Hot

so... since i work in fashion and like to participate in all things fashion, i see this argument come up all the time. girl hot (stuff us ladies like to wear) vs guy hot (stuff the boys would like to see us wear)

sometimes they are the same but... a lot of the time, they are hot.

girl hot often involves "it's so comfy, i love the way i feel in it!" or "i'm dressing for me!". guy hot often follows a different tune... usually hilighting the holy trinty, boobs, bum and legs.

here are a few "girl hot" examples...

Harem Pants

i don't know one man who doesn't cringe when they see these pants. baggy pants in general irk the male species (outside of the "ohhh i love her when shes just natural in her jogging pants at home"). personally, i'm not a huge fan of them... but they sure do look comfy haha

Empire Waist tops, dresses... anything

right. empire waist (waistline is cinched just under the bust and the material flows out loosely after that). i love it. most women do too... very forgiving around the midsection (we are not all supermodels) AND cute at the same time. a staple in most of our wardrobes. why don't the guys like it? loose around the middle makes them think of maternity clothing.

maternity + pregnancy = enough said.

Boyfriend Jeans

remember what i said about baggy pants? yeah. here we go again. i personally LOVE boyfriend fit jeans and wear them all the time. maybe it didn't help that i used a picture of katie holmes... oh well.

Gladiator Sandals

hmm. tough one... not all guys hate them, but i sure know a lot of them that do! no clue why though... i live for gladiator sandals. but everytime i wear them, i get some "clever" comments. here are some gems:

"saving Sparta again?"

"Jesus called, he wants his sandals back"

i could probably go on for days and come up with a million "girl vs boy" stuff, but i leave it to this for now.

oh wait, i forgot the guy part... here we go!

tight, short and high heels

the end.

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Anonymous said...

i prefer guy hot ;p

girl hot.. is.. regular