Monday, April 27, 2009

Road trip ha ha's

some hilights from our recent road trip...

this is the best shot i could get of this guy without falling out of the car. he is clearly a size small but somehow decided that wearing a size 3XL Dickies RED suit was a good idea. we caught this sexiness in a store that was inundated with Ed Hardy and Affliction. he was in the midst of buying those red Gourmet's to go with the hat and outfit. believe it or not, it gets worse too... some guy had the audacity to give him props on his style and ask where he bought the goods. really.

ok. i understand that "fags" is the British term for cigarettes. but your store is in Canada. Ottawa to be exact. Mags and FAGS? fail. your store name is a big gay fail.

it's hard to see from this picture, but this place is called "Brain Hunter". i think it's some kind of recruiting company... maybe on the lines of Monster? regardless, the name freaked me out. we passed by it a couple of times. i just invision a place where scary vampire zombies are inside and waiting for their shift to come find you and, well... suck out your brains?

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